Monday, March 14, 2011

The "Natural" Disaster Distraction and Monetary Control

"War, fascism, concentration camps, rubber truncheons, atomic bombs, etc. are what we daily think about, and therefore to a great extent what we write about, even when we do not name them openly. We cannot help this. When you are on a sinking ship, your thoughts will be about sinking ships."

-George Orwell (Author, 1903-1950)

There can be no doubt anymore that we are living through the most pressure-packed and dangerous time in human history. The dark forces in control of the world financial machine are being challenged for their fraud and theft. Most often their thefts are successful; they get away with the loot. However, this isn't the ultimate goal. The ultimate goal is control and when countries, people, or tribes want to break away from the exploitative system, the evil forces convince them of the perils of their decisions. When the results do not favor the Anglo-led killer banking cartels, when their control over monetary policy is threatened, they lash out with extreme violence. Through fear they hope to get people to accept their idea of a giant world plantation, filled with mindless, timid slaves who will brainlessly exist to serve their masters. So far, the evil forces have kept their secrets largely unknown from the inattentive, economically and politically ignorant mases. The corporate media are forbidden from covering the truth and people who leak information or attempt real reform mysteriously die in "accidents."

Japan has found out what happens when orders are not followed and when countries supposed to sacrifice may find themselves in the cross hairs of destruction if their efforts are insufficient. The earthquake an ensuing tsunami that occurred in Japan last Friday was likely the result of the HAARP weapon. Japan had been threatened by western oligarchs in 2007 to cede more power over the Japanese banking system to the western banking powers who wish to lead the new world order. Watch Benjamin Fulford interview a Japanese official who describes the threat of weather weaponry.

Last week was poised to be a momentous week in monetary policy history. Saudi Arabia's "Day of Rage" had been scheduled weeks before, and confrontation between protesters and police was inevitable. Saudi Arabia moved to outlaw all protests. Protesters vowed to put women in the front of the line of protests. The tensions in Saudi Arabia had the potential to throw the country into chaos, thereby putting the world's oil supply in a precarious position. Since oil is traded in the world's reserve currency, the dollar, Friday's protests could have put extreme pressure on an already-vulnerable dollar. Egypt provides an example of the disruption protests can have- the Egyptian stock market has not opened since the people gathered in Tahrir Square at the end of January.

But that wasn't the only thing pressuring the dollar last week. PIMCO, the largest holder of U.S. government-related securities, dumped all of them last week. On Thursday, Moody's downgraded the credit ratings of Greece and Spain. The Pacific island of Fiji decided to remove the British Queen Elizabeth II off of their currency and instead replace her mug with pictures of local flora and fauna.

With all the dumping and rejection going on, Friday was shaping up to be a world-wide day of rejection of the tyranny that has been imposed by the international bankster killers. Gold and silver were set for another round of exploding prices against the inflationary paper. Oil was expected to go up again and the dollar would have taken a huge hit.

But the "earthquake" that hit in the early morning hours of Friday changed all that. The media, who had been in Egypt egging the protesters on, virtually blacked out any coverage of Saudi Arabian "Day of Rage." Police fired on the protesters and the "rage" fizzled. The earthquake has spurred investors to buy Japanese treasuries which had been tanking prior to the earthquake. The tragedy staved off a run on the dollar and provided the impetus for faith in government. The dollar will crash; this the economic terrorists have guaranteed through their policy. For them, the most important thing is to control the time when they want it to crash.

In the past when large events have been attempted by individuals or governments, the economic terrorists have stepped in to prevent any action against monetary control. When ex-Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich suspended all business with the Bank of America in December of 2008, federal agents arrested him the next morning at his house in his underwear. Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias never followed the governor's order. When the Polish government planned on weakening their currency in 2010, the zloty, to make it more desirable for business than the collectivized Euro, the entire Polish government died in a plane crash.

United Nations President Ban Ki Moon warned the world about catastrophic consequences. After the pathetic failure of the Copenhagen Climate Conference to procure the right for supra-national bureacracies to tax people for breathing out carbon dioxide, the island nation of Haiti was struck with a devastating earthquake that killed 200,000 human beings. For more on Haiti and HAARP see here, here, and here.

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