Thursday, January 21, 2010

On the Haitian Earthquake pt.3

“The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.”

-Steven Biko
South African Freedom Fighter

Nearly a week has gone by since the first catastrophic earthquake shook the capital city of Port Au Prince, Haiti. A little more than one month prior to the quake, the usual suspects had gathered in Copenhagen, Denmark. The world firmly rejected their diabolical plan for world government and taxation. Hiding the data and preventing the real information from surfacing proved to be not enough. People, it was decided needed to suffer as punishment for not accepting the ruler's will. After the Copenhagen debacle, highlighted by the walkout of the third world countries, the death knell sounded for the United Nations as a relevant body. They were unable to force the multitudes to accept their protection from unseen forces. Fear of catastrophe was not sufficient. A real catastrophe was needed to hone their tyrannical skills through correlation between governing bodies. After all, United States Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) had been in the area preparing for a Haitian hurricane anyway.

A number of objectives were achieved for the evil forces of tyranny that wish to eventually bring their shtick to the United States mainland.

1.) The agencies (SOUTHCOM, U.N., UNICEF, International Red Cross, World Vision) that sprung into action got to operate at real-life speed with real tragedies. It was a real drill with people dying and bleeding all over the place. Communication lines between the different agencies have been developed.

2.) The U.S. were able to test their weapon. Though largely unknown to the American public, the HAARP facility in Alaska has been around since 1990. The facility uses technology that manipulates electro-magnetic waves which can cause weather manipulation, earthquakes, and mind-control.

3.) The globalists have used this catastrophe as yet another example of their fraudulent claim that intervention is needed to curb the phony "global warming/climate change."

Perhaps the most disgusting part of the tragedy has been the calls for humanitarian aid by the major press organs and Hollywood. Of course, all humanitarian aid will be siphoned through the International Monetary Fund who has made sure the people of Haiti stayed below poverty for decades. Before the earthquake, Haiti was in a terrible state, with people resorting to eating mud. Not one of the Hollywood assholes gave a shit about the Haitians then. They didn't care as they did advertisements for biodegradable fuel and climate change as Haiti starved to death.

Conveniently, the earthquake happened a week before the asinine Golden Globe Awards. The Illuminati-led Hollywood stars and starlets love to feel how important and altruistic they are when "tragedy strikes." Chief idiot, George Clooney is set to emcee the Hope for Haiti telethon with Council on Foreign Relations member Angelina Jolie and her husband Brad Pitt. Quincy Jones and Lionel Ritchie plan to do a remake of "We Are the World." Ask Africa how that worked out for them in the 1980's. Hollywood's paternalistic attitude is so gross it makes a person want to throw up. For more about how the satanic Illuminati controls Hollywood, click here.

If they truly care about Haiti, they would look into a little bit of Haitian history and realize that Haiti's self-determination has been usurped by foreign powers over and over again (an excellent history of Haiti can be found here). They would realize that giving Haiti a sound currency and leaving them alone would be the best thing this fascistic, morally bankrupt nation could do for them. The big "stars" don't want to hear that, though. They like making gobs of money for making shitty movies that demoralize and decay society with too much sex and violence. They know who butters their bread and it isn't the peons who watch their movie. It is the Zionist globalist cabal bent on one world government with an elite at the top and the vast majority of slaves beneath them. This is what Hollywood wants. They want to be fawned over on the red carpet and appreciated for being good-hearted as they do everything in their power to perpetuate the problem.

Back in 2004, the tone was much different. Hollywood chastised George Bush for his illegal wars. This attitude has apparently changed dramatically. Obama has hypnotized them into thinking they are crucially important and they are drunk with their favorite thing- themselves. Movies these days suck for a few simple reasons. The leading actors just aren't as effective as they used to be because they cannot or refuse think outside the fake box that has been imposed around their sheltered, posh world complete with all the amenities. Empathy goes way beyond a one time gift of a meal. The National Pulse asks the Hollywood elite to think about a situation: Try to remember when you were a young actor trying to make it and then try to feel what it might be like to have a foreign government come into your homeland, occupy the airport and the presidential palace building amidst the chaos and bark orders at you. How would you feel? Would you feel better if some movie stars raised more money for the International Monetary Fund?

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