Monday, November 23, 2009

Mandatory Health Care and The Mark of The Beast

Last Saturday night, the Senate voted to proceed ahead with debate of a terrible bill. Hidden in the more than 2000 pages (2074 pages to be exact) are provisions to "modernize the health care system" and "take health care into the 21st Century." Very little has changed since the summer when Americans became outraged over the many horrible parts of the original legislation. Still, the Congress has shown it really doesn't care what the American people think, they need money! Therefore, it is important to review what will be debated on the Senate floor next month.

The health care bill would force Americans to buy government health insurance. In the House bill, also sneakily approved on a Saturday night, an individual who refused to participate would be, according to Section 7201 and 7203, able to be "punished with a fine of up to $250,000 or 5 years imprisonment." The Senate version removed the jail time but it still requires people to purchase a health care plan. Requiring people to purchase health care or pay a penalty is completely un-Constitutional.

Mandatory participation is for no one's benefit but the Internal Revenue Service. When Republican legislators tried to wade through the monstrous bill, they constructed a flowchart of what the health care system would look like in practice. Instead of going right to your health care provider, consumers and businesses are pointed directly to the non-governmental Internal Revenue Service. The IRS is nothing but the strong-arm enforcer of the privately-owned Federal Reserve banks. The IRS will be in-between you and your doctor, with the full capability of knowing everything about you that your health care provider knows.

If there already wasn't enough control granted to government by providing all personal medical information to the non-governmental IRS, language in the bill leaves open the opportunity to implant the American people with microchips. Also being considered in the Senate debate will be on p.732, "(iv) Whether the model utilizes technology, such as electronic health records and patient-based remote monitoring systems, to coordinate care over time and across settings."

The government intends to use the technology to build large interpols of information from which they will be able to conduct research. Here is an excerpt from pg. 1683-1684, "(f) BUILDING DATA FOR RESEARCH- The Secretary shall provide for the coordination of relevant Federal Health programs to build data capacity for comparative clinical effectiveness research, including the development and use of clinical registries and health outcomes research data networks, in order to develop and maintain a comprehensive, interoperable data network to collect, link, and analyze data on outcomes and effectiveness from multiple sources, including electronic health records." So, all the people in the government health system are collated into one big computer system that will be able to judge effectiveness of treatment. The large pharmaceutical companies will be able to pinpoint effective and ineffective methods of treatment. Making the care mandatory and being the only game in town isn't enough for the government, though. They want to own you; like a pet.

The Food and Drug Administration, way back in 2004, approved an implantable microchip with applications to record health information. This implantable chip was categorized as a "class II medical device intended for humans.' The microchip is inserted into the subcutaneous tissue of the patient's arm or hand. Click here to view the letter from the FDA describing in detail approval The VeriChip Health Information Transponder System. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology has been around for a while. American passports contain an RFID chip. Many businesses that require employers to wear identification tags have RFID technology embedded in the ID cards. The applications that are able to be accessed from a tiny chip are countless, much like the iPhone.

In the Senate Health Care bill, the bill does not explicitly call for "implantable devices." What the bill does define are all acceptable "medical devices." On pgs. 2022-2023, the bill describes any "medical device that (A) has been classified in class II under section 513 of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (21 U.S.C. 360c) and is primarily sold to consumers at retail for not more than $100 per unit." The VeriChip Health Information Transponder System was approved and classified as "class II." Therefore, senators will be debating the micro chipping of human beings.

After all, isn't this really what they are after? Why else would they be ramming health care legislation through when the country is bankrupt and the central bank is refusing to be audited? Why else would they be forcing Americans to purchase health care when the value of the dollar is decreasing by the hour? Answer: It is because they think you are stupid and their property!

Time after time, government has shown they want more of your money- now they want to determine your existence. With a chipped population, the possibilities are endless for control freaks like the New World Order globalists. A planned economy, normally doomed for failure because people cannot out-think human action, could be a reality. Elite bureaucrats would be able to unfairly and immorally tinker with everything, making enormous profits by knowing the likes and dislikes of their human pets.

Could this be the evil foretold by the Book of Revelation?

Revelation 13:16-18 (The Living Bible published by Tyndale House Publishing, Inc.)
16: ”He required everyone – great and small, rich and poor, slave and free – to be tattooed with a mark on the right hand or the forehead.”

17: “And no one could get a job or even buy in any store without the permit of that mark, which was either the name of the Creature or the code number of his name.”

18: “Here is a puzzle that calls for careful thought to solve it. Let those who are able, interpret this code: the numerical values of the letters in his name add to 666.”

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