Friday, November 20, 2009

Ron Paul's Dogged Pursuit of the Evil Fed

Finally, the critters in Congress have shown that not all of them are complete traitors. Finally, they did something right. Yesterday, House members voted 43-26 to keep Ron Paul's amendment to the Audit the Fed bill H.R. 1207. This bill, once it arrived in committee was gutted from everything that would have held the Fed accountable by Mel Watt, Congressman from North Carolina. Paul's bill will require the Government Accountability Office to audit the central bank's interest rate policy, agreements with foreign governments, foreign central banks and the International Monetary Fund.

Auditing these things seems logical and quintessentially American. Many, however, were very concerned about this development. People who have been part of the Fed's clique were upset at the notion that the Fed would have to actually answer to the American people instead of no one. Let's go through the cast of characters that have tried to stymie this bill from ever reaching the floor. These jerks have been complicit in the theft of the bailout money and continual tyranny of the Federal Reserve bank's creation of easy money and credit.

One of the biggest obstacles has been the fat, unkempt, homosexual deviant, Head of the House Financial Services Committee, Barney Frank. Taking time out from frequenting gay brothels, he has single-handedly, dragged his feet to prevent this bill from being discussed and has sided with Federal Reserve officials the entire time, until he was forced to give the bill a hearing. Despite the fact that 309 Representatives co-sposored H.R. 1207, Frank would frequently stall and then interrupt during Paul's questioning.

Another enemy of the Paul bill is the Treasury Secretary, Timmy Geithner. It is hard to believe anyone listens this guy anymore as he has spent his whole career working for the Fed and its subsidiaries. He is a tax evader and nothing he promotes is in the interest of the American people. Yesterday, he responded to Representative Brady from Texas, "What I can't take responsibility is for the legacy of crises you've bequeathed this country." Geithner, maybe more than anyone in the current Administration, needs terribly to be slapped like the little whiny bitch he is. His whole career has been about the promotion of tyranny and the repression of economic freedom by the Federal Reserve.

Warren Buffett, the so-called Oracle from Omaha, is another that doesn't want the Fed to let sunlight in its secret room. Buffett has mysteriously been able to become a billionaire because he "is so smart." He thinks that if the Fed were audited it would lead to "a lot of mischief." Yeah, like maybe you wouldn't be grandfathered into extreme wealth. All of us "rascal" Americans want to really "ruffle your feathers."

Paul Volcker and Alan Greenspan, both prior Federal Reserve Chairmen, oppose the bill. They think stripping the Fed of independence would injure the economy as a whole.

For all or most of these men, auditing the Fed would be the first step in the end of their careers. For some, a full audit could mean prison time or worse. The Federal Reserve has been behind every major catastrophe, war, and financial bubble. They have made the current crisis happen on purpose to allow them to seize more power and end the sovereign United States. They must be stopped or America will be history.
With so much going awry, enjoy this one, freedom fans.

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