Monday, November 16, 2009

Gold's Rise and China

The current escalation of the price of gold is the result of a combination of market forces. International politics has sped up the inverse relationship between the dollar and gold, exacerbating the differences between fiat money and precious metals. On the home front, economic policies have been steered to crush the U.S. dollar. Unfortunately for the Federal Reserve and the Corporation of the United States, their anti-dollar policies have succeeded in devaluing the dollar but not in consolidating the currency to lead the New World Order. The elite is on a slippery slope and confidence in the dollar is being lost. The European faction that hopes to control the world must hurry before confidence is totally lost in the dollar. China, a behemoth nation of more than 1.3 billion people, has taken the lead in the financial leadership of the world. They have invested largely in American Treasuries and are poised to capitalize on America's debt. The Chinese have lent over $1.4 trillion to the Federal Reserve and are expecting repayment. It has become increasingly clear that the money is either not there or is being refused to be paid back. The Federal Reserve is maleficent. Countries and central banks in the East have already adjusted. They have started buying gold. Dr. Ron Paul, a foremost leader in Austrian economics called the IMF's sale of 200 tonnes of gold bullion to India, "an historic day for monetary policy."

Ron Paul called this phenomena a "shift of power from West to East." China is in control now, despite what the mainstream media tries to tell the American people. Chinese leaders summoned Obama to Beijing in order for him to explain how the cartel that represents the United States plans on paying the $1.4 trillion dollars back. In order to get the money, the Fed would have to run the printing presses, create money out of thin air, and everybody knows those newly made dollars are worthless. If the Fed decides to tax the American people, the people will revolt and the Chinese won't receive their money that way, either.

The Chinese want to know how the Fed intends to pay their loan back without destroying the currency (dollar) which is held by the Chinese. Since the 1871 Constitutional revision made the U.S. a corporation, Obama thinks he has a few options at his disposal. These however, will backfire, as the Chinese suspect, because the people believe they are sovereign. This is what is taught in public schools, it's why American people stand at attention for the Pledge of Allegiance, and it is why, as Americans, we do not, ever, bow to another human being when meeting that person.

Obama has made it abundantly clear who he represents. He clearly does not represent the American people. He is the puppet of the New World Order-seeking elite. He is the negro servant of the globalist banking interests. Obama prostrates himself before royalty at the expense of the honor of the United States of America. This is why the Oath of Office was a mistake and then later redone behind closed doors. This is why Obama doesn't have to be born in the United States to be "President." It is because he represents the New World Order- not America. Obama is the ultimate slap in the face of freedom. A puppet who shares the characteristics of historically oppressed people. Cleverly, he relates to people as if they have shared experiences, only to exploit their support in favor of the tyranny he claims to be fighting against.

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