Friday, November 13, 2009

The Parallel Universe of Argument

When the last straw finally falls and the truth can no longer be suppressed, the people will be shocked about how badly they were lied to by the mainstream media. Even at this late stage, with two illegal wars being fought and the dollar crashing, people still resort to the large media organs for their world opinions. Most people still have no idea that the media is controlled by a few globalists intent on distorting reality to usher in their dream of the new world order slave state. Fox News, CNN, NBC, and CNBC are meant to discuss different sides of the issues while never veering from the same agenda. The false left/right paradigm is easy to grasp and fits most people's world view. Every issue has a neat, reliable counterbalance and is constant war with another side. There is no room for a third side. Even if both explanations are wrong, one of the two is what the public will get. However, in the corporatist world of high level thievery and deception, there are no boundaries. Criminal cartels operate freely using states as cover for their illicit activities. And the mainstream press aren't as much lapdogs as they are accomplices. The owners of the major media organs are all pushing for the new world order where individual freedom will have never existed.

Today, a large number of people feel there is something wrong. Few have the intelligence or the gumption to look and see the tyranny at work, to open up their brainwashed minds and discover the lies as they are presented. The elite know their time is short and they are pulling out all the stops; assaulting freedom at a furious pace.

What is happening in their press can best be described as a parallel dicussion of the truth. The criminal politicians and oligarchs know how treasonous the nature of their activity and have pledged to "watch each others' backs." However, as the situation worsens, people will wake up from their daze and start pressing for real answers. Soon, many who had supported Obama will be disgusted with themselves as how they were duped. Click here to watch Obama ham it up like the con man he really is on the deviant Ellen talk show- warning: don't throw up in your mouth.


The tragedy at Fort Hood leaves many unanswered questions hanging. Here is the first report of the tragedy issued by the Army immediately following the attack, "the Army confirms that the gunman (thought to be killed) was Army Major Malik Nadal Hasan. Reports said that 12 were dead (raised to 13, including one civilian) and 31 others wounded from an incident at the base Readiness Processing Center where troops prepare for deployment. Two other soldiers were detained as suspects. Another was believed at large. the shooting began about 1:30 p.m. after which Fort Hood was locked down." Find the entire link here.

The story has changed many times until it fit into the world view that has been constructed by the mainstream media. At a time when the fervor to keep conducting the mythical "War on Terror" was at an all-time low, a Muslim extremist went "crazy" and shot a whole bunch of people. Conveniently for those atop the military industrial complex, this tragic occurrence provides ample evidence why they say "we must confront violent extremists wherever they exist."

The assailant, Hasan, used a weapon known as the "cop-killer" in the shooting. When the real facts were rushedly dismissed, the story made a great "learning opportunity" for the future. The press wrote countless articles about how the tragedy could have been avoided, what warning signs were missed, and John McCain even suggested that we should avoid "political correctness" in war time. By that he must mean that we shouldn't be afraid to persecute Muslims because they are Muslim and probably dangerous. The weapon that was used by the alleged assailant will likely lead the administration to heighten their attempt to try and take America's weapons. The story is so tight and clean, it stinks to high heaven.

Hasan, now likely paralyzed, is scheduled to appear before a military tribunal which is far different from the civil court system. He will likely get the death penalty and die without anyone ever hearing his account of what he felt, why he was shirtless during the attack, how he fired 100 rounds, or why he frequented a strip club as a devout Muslim. Many pieces of the story do not add up. Hasan carried a FN Five-Seven automatic pistol. The pistol holds a 20 round clip. How did Hasan reload four times to fire those 100 rounds? Why were other suspects in custody? Have all the eyewitnesses been interviewed? Hasan may be guilty and have acted alone. Regardless, the facts of the real story will die with Hasan.

A look into Hasan's past shows he was a psychiatrist and attended Virginia Tech University. Virginia Tech University is a center for the CIA's mind control experiments, MK Ultra. George Bush, Sr. was head of the CIA before becoming America's 41st President and is known to be the only ex-President to receive daily security briefings in his alleged retirement. According to independent reporter Christopher Story, Hasan was a planted part of a simultaneous attack by the Bush, Sr. faction of the CIA to recover currency boxes.

The U.S. is ramping up their "Muslim vigilance" as they wish to keep their options open if they have to invade Iran because of economic pressure. On Wednesday, the state of Virginia executed John Allen Muhammad, the "Beltway Sniper." September 11 "mastermind" Khalid Sheikh Muhammad and four others are scheduled to come to New York City to be tried and likely exceuted. There is no doubt these men are dangers to America and need to be dealt with. However, to start executing them now is a shameless attempt to revive vitriol against the Muslims. The U.S. should not be executing anybody right now, as the entire government is corrupt to the core. The attack at Fort Hood provided the impetus for federal agents to seize Muslim-owned skyscrapers in Manhattan and assets belonging to the Alavi Foundation. The Administration is paving the way for war with Iran because they owe to much money and cannot, at this late juncture, face the music.

Christopher Story's account, though some information may be speculation, is truer than what is delivered by the mainstream press. Obama has been "deliberating about Afghanistan" for months. No bantered about option says America will leave as soon as possible. The press is using the "discussion" of the Afghan war to describe another thing entirely. He is trying to figure out how to stiff the Chinese for the money the international banking cartel owes them why still insure a leadership position for the "Shadow Government" of the corporation of the United States.

Not even The National Pulse has all the answers. What is clear is the people who want to bring in the New World order are under increased pressure as they try to steal enormous sums of money and everybody's freedom at the same time.

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