Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sovereigns and The Perception That Be


"The most important kind of freedom is to be who you really are. You trade in your reality for a role....You give up your ability to feel, and in exchange, put on a mask."

-Jim Morrison (Lead Singer, The Doors, 1943-1971)

Freedom is what matters- not status. Today's paradigm, status is created by moneyed powers and their paper money printing press. This fiat money system has created a "ranking system of ahuthority. By the dollar's viability, these various hierarchical structures have remained in tact through wars, famines and disease. Never mind that society is gradually collapsing because of fraud and immorality, people still brainlessly believe in the hoax of authority; even as their brothers are killed, thrown out from their homes into the cold, or forced into bankruptcy by economic thugs. Amazingly, the standard paradigm has survived, through boom after bust, engineered disaster after engineered disaster.

The dollar is an important linchpin in keeping the war machine and the welfare state alive. The dollar's strength feeds the propaganda machine from the universities to large city newspapers. Because very few care about anything other than themselves, most have not bothered to empathetically and introspectively look around at the relative squalor of each of their cages. People have fell for the lie; accepted the unthinkable at the most crucial time and agreed to the their own slavery. This, in part, is why no one really seems to care as the world is plunging into chaos and no one is really held accountable for massive fraud and theft.

This could all change very quickly. The largest holder of government related securities, PIMCO, dumped all their U.S. Treasuries yesterday. This is all prelude to what could be an important Friday in monetary policy history. Often important days in monetary policy history aren't popularly known because the moneyed powers would rather you not know. But the Day of Rage, that has been scheduled in Saudi Arabia since Egyptians were gathered in Tahrir Square, could plunge the global markets into chaos in the event of bloodshed. The Kingdom has outlawed protests of any kind. Protesters have promised to put women at the front of the lines. In the air is a palpable sense of impending confrontation.

In the U.S., Operation Peez-emoff is proceeding in confusing irrelevancy. Led by Homeland Security and TSA, the groping, prying hands are expanding to train stations, sports contests, and even sidewalks. People are upset and annoyed, yet they continue to patronize. It's hard to know what will get Americans' upset anymore- the food is bad, the water is drugged, and the regulatory agencies that are supposedly enforcing "safety" are in cahoots with the large corporations.

It was thought attacks on collective bargaining would get the people hopping mad and ready for random acts of violence. After the flood of protests at the Wisconsin capitol in Madison for the past weeks, the state legislature stripped collective bargaining rights away from public workers.

It is hard to know what makes the people angry anymore because most are either stupid, confused, or afraid of the truth of what has happened and what needs to happen. So Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan can publish the names of all FOID carrying gun owners. Monsanto can shift all liability for the genetically modified frankenfood crops to farmers. Tim Geithner can explain that in economic crisis, the taxpayer always bears the responsibility to pay for the banks' failure. None of it is working.

"Let's get together to fight this Holy Armageddon (One love)

So when the Man comes there will be no, no doom (One song)

Have pity on those whose chances grow thinner

There ain't no hiding place from the Father of Creation"

-Bob Marley (Singer 1945-1981)

For the establishment that lives off the current structure built on the paper dollar, it would be convenient to violently suppress a revolt of dissidents while their still is some viability left in the illusion of the paper dollar system. That way, their violent coercive structure would be in place for when the rug is completely pulled out on everyone unequivocally. So they are trying to infringe a little more every day, hoping for a rise; an excuse to crack down hard. A complete dollar crash will result in their own defeat, so time is running out. Grabbing your kid's genitals doesn't piss you off? How about losing any prospect for a raise in a severley inflationary economic environment? Will you having to eat food that causes organ failure make you angry? Or will you be mad? Maybe a lot of people will just wait and wait and wait until they are killed outright or by the elements of a harsh world.

Therefore, it is comical to see government and the corporate press react at sovereign citizens when they are asserting their God-given right to life. Not man-given- God given. It is comical to watch government officials accuse sovereigns of "paper terrorism" when the government institutions are the original paper terrorists. In the U.S., the government requires every person to obtain a number which creates a corporate fiction attached to every person, dehumanizing them, turning human beings into subjects of a hierarchy of corporations. Thus begins the great myth of freedom in the United States- the myth that has only enable criminals and fraudsters to exploit the world at the barrel of a gun.

It's been rough and rocky travelin'

But I'm finally satnding upright on the ground....

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