Friday, January 15, 2010

On the Haitian Earthquake

Clouds blanket most of the mainland United States on a daily basis. The sky coverings aren't really clouds but man-made spraying intentionally blotting out the sun. The days of huge cumulus clouds, floating slowly like giant battleships are gone. Today the sky is either completely clear or completely covered by an opaque haze that trapped the cold or heat between it and the Earth's surface. The astounding part about these chemtrail activities is the media's refusal to confront anybody about this blatant bastardization of nature. Paternalistic authorities will say their are diverting the sun's rays to cool the Earth. After the Climategate fiasco, we know global warming has been a complete lie from the beginning, intended to force the entire world to pay a tax to their corporate masters.

Though it is never talked about in the mainstream media, the facts remain- weather manipulation is a reality.

Obviously the loss of life is tragic. The National Pulse remains skeptical about the causes of the quake. The Copenhagen climate summit based itself on the fact that man is ruining nature and causing nature to be increasingly unpredictable and violent. According to them, that is why they needed to extract taxes from the whole world to combat nature's wickedness with weather modification. This is one big lie.

The immediate aftermath of the earthquake smelled like government terror. Right away, Obama pledged $100 million dollars. United Nations Special Envoy to Haiti Bill Clinton urged the American people to donate money. The U.S. is sending 10,000 troops to control the situation. Though Haiti is 80% Catholic, there has been no word as to if the the largest land-owner in the world, the Vatican, is planning to offer relief.
Certainly, people should help people out in times of crisis. What makes this situation curious is that the earthquake fits in perfectly with the Rothschild formula elites have used for ages: problem, reaction, solution. They create the problem, public opinion is manipulated and solutions are enacted. Usually the solution most benefits the people who created the problem.

Again, to say anything about a contrived attack is rebutted by indignation from the ignorant masses. The National Pulse stance is this: no government anywhere in the world can be trusted. We can only wait for divine providence to expose their treachery.

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