Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Geoengineering Ruse

"Truth is by nature self-evident. As soon as you remove the cobwebs of ignorance that surround it, it shines clear."

-Mohandas Ghandi

As Obama pressures Congress to pass some incremental form of the House democrats' draconian health care reform legislation, the elite's puppet U.S. Government is moving ahead with climate legislation. The Obama Administration just has not received the memorandum about the exposure of the global warming climate science as a fraud. Obama was laughed at by Congress when he mentioned climate change at the State of the Union Address. Pathetically, their position on the East Anglia Emails that exposed scientists misrepresenting and hiding data has been to ignore the clamor for truth. The mainstream media has been silent and refused to cover these revelations including the spraying of chemtrails without the consent of the people. Despite the overwhelming evidence against the elite eugenics plan, officials have chosen to go ahead with their program under the guise of "saving the planet from global warming." Instead of reversing their position and begging the forgiveness of the American people, Congressional stooges like John Kerry have instead switched their terminology to "placing a price on carbon." Government leaders are obviously under tremendous pressure from forces above themselves to cull the population and quickly. "I'm excited. I know that's completely contrary to any conventional wisdom. I don't care how we do it. I just think we have to price carbon because we have to send that signal to the marketplace," said Kerry.

The lie of climate change is such a sin on humanity that the perpetrators have no other choice but to pretend no one knows what happened. Since the mainstream press has refused to talk about Climategate, chemtrails/geoengineering, and the unbelievable hubris of leaders who think they can poison our air and water without asking, The National Pulse has taken up the yoke of truth- see here, here, and here.

After the Climategate emails hit the Internet and the third world nations walked out of Copenhagen because they realized they would have to take out more "green" loans from the International Monetary Fund, the Copenhagen Climate summit failed miserably. It is extremely important to realize that the entire climate science is fraudulent and ultimately about money and control. The world economy, based on fiat, or paper, currencies, is crumbling. The elite made it crumble so now they need to make a new global currency with them in control. Taxes on carbon would allow legislators to tax peoples' very existence since every person breathes out carbon dioxide. The carbon tax proposal is just half of the tyranny of the phony science of climate change.

The other part is what has been taking place on a daily basis in our skies. Chemtrailing, or, as it now known in the "scientific" community, geoengineering, is finally being debated openly. Largely funded by Bill Gates and his Bilderberg Club member wife, Melinda, geoengineering is receiving considerable scrutiny (Click here to read the complete testimonies of the five mad scientists who appeared before the House Committee of Science and Technology). Bill Gates is an admitted proponent of population control and eugenics.

The problem with geoengineering is that it is not needed. Climategate exposed the willful manipulation of the data and the shrouding of information proving the Earth actually is getting cooler. According to Ken Caldeira's testimony, geoengineering can be divided into two subgroup. The first, Solar Radiation Management (SDR), seeks to reduce climate change by reflecting the sun's rays. Never mind that humans need sunlight to process Vitamin D and plants need it for photosynthesis, these guys want to block the sun. The second is Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR). Carbon dioxide removal is the more expensive of the two and the more dangerous since plants need carbon dioxide to live.

Scientists who are shilling for this climate change nonsense have got to be stopped. David Keith, admits that chemtrailing the Earth's atmosphere is untested and dangerous, but he doesn't care. Keith has proposed dumping sulphuric acid out of airplanes and into the atmosphere. Sulphuric acid (click here for safety data) is a poisonous, corrosive compound that will only do the Earth and human beings harm. Tim Flannery, the 2007 Australian of the Year, psychotically wants to pump sulphur gas into the atmosphere as a "last ditch" effort to combat climate change. This crazy fix may actually change the color of the sky.

Recently professors at the University of Montana were given a $382,000 grant to research the ethics of changing the Earth's atmosphere based on a fake science. Too bad they are so late. Chemtrails have been disgracing the skies on a daily basis for over 10 years, poisoning plant and marine life. Authorities have refused to comment and the Air Force has called the chemtrails a "hoax." With proponents of eugenics behind the project and the economy signalling a transfer of power that is long overdue, alarm bells should be ringing throughout the semi-free world.

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