Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Audacity of Nature Bastardization

"Conquest is not in our principles. It is inconsistent with our government."

-Thomas Jefferson

The past two weeks in the upper Midwest, the base of operations for The National Pulse, has not seen the sun for at least two weeks. To most people, this usually amounts to a shoulder shrug and a nod to the general malaise the middle of January mercilessly bestows on peoples' psyche. However, we at The National Pulse do not sleep and are awake when the skies clear for a moment. During that moment when the unnatural roof of clouds dissipates, the sky is then immediately filled with mysterious jets, usually so high in the stratosphere their shape is un-intelligible. These jets start spraying white shit all over the sky in lines and criss-cross patterns and the next thing you know, what started out to be a sunny day turns into a cloud-seeded-blizzard. In the past few months this activity has occurred on an almost daily basis, literally stealing people's God-given right to live a healthy life from them. Why are politicians trying to change nature based on phony science?

After the Climategate emails were leaked from the East Anglia University in England, the phony science behind man-made global warming began to fall apart. The emails were the smoking gun in a fraud so massive, world leaders were basing a world tax on the entire world to be paid directly to the elite pushing for a one world government. The crescendo occurred in December when the Copenhagen Climate Conference fell flat on its face when it became clear what it was actually about- yet another transfer of wealth from the desperate poor to the insanely rich. Lead climate evangelist Al Gore had to cancel his speaking engagement entitled "Conclusion," out of sheer embarrassment.

Since that time, the cast of characters are meeting their demise. The wheels are coming off the entire theory. Phil Jones, the lead conspirator, has stepped down from his position at East Anglia University (for an excellent synopsis of Jones' role in the coverup/ fudging of data click here). Penn State University's Michael Mann, creator of the "hockey stick" diagram which depicts Earth temperatures rising at an extreme rate, received more than $2.4 million in federal bailout money for his fraudulent projects. And Al Gore, set to become the world's first "green" billionaire, has now conceded that carbon dioxide, a necessary compound for all life on Earth, has not caused a majority of global warming since 2001. Gore will probably slink away, disappear, and grow a beard like he did when the Congress and Supreme Court stole the 2000 election.

After watching last night's State of the Union Address, it is clear Obama has not been following the way this situation has developed. He still thinks people believe this nonsense and will help him pass a "cap and trade" bill. It would be funny if it weren't so sad (watch this 40 second clip of the speech where lawmakers actually laugh at him for mentioning what everybody now knows is a complete and utter FRAUD). Obama is unaware and ignorant of the level of anger in America. His refusal to honor Americans' wishes and stubbornly moving forward on issues that people clearly do not want makes The National Pulse scratch its head in confusion. Is he really that idiotically suicidal?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), with the blessing of Obama, is plowing ahead with their faulty agenda at a time when it is clear America cannot handle a loss of jobs to satisfy regulations based on phony scientific theories. In moving ahead with this, the EPA is attempting to bypass Congress to pass legislation. Like the culprits from East Anglia, members of the EPA have also been caught suppressing data that would stop their agenda to bilk money from people. It is abundantly clear that all the EPA cares about is taxing people. If they truly cared about peoples' welfare they would do something about millions of Americans drinking contaminated water. Maybe they should encourage farmers to use organic fertilizer instead of creating regulations to help out the large corporate farming companies like Monsanto and Cargill to dominate the food market and poison the Earth simultaneously.

No, it is clear that when it comes to Obama's legislative agenda, your interests or safety are of little concern to him. Indeed, the audacity of the elite Obama represents must be stopped. The U.S. Government and their quack scientists decided for you that it would be a good idea to fill the sky with aerosols to block the sunlight from the Earth. Mad scientists looking to give Al Gore a New World Order didn't care that the human body needs sunlight to process cholesterol into Vitamin D to keep a strong immune system. Nor did these idiot numskulls care about the fact that sunlight kills the swine flu virus in the human body.

No, it is abundantly clear Obama and his masters care most about control. If they want to block the sun and cause health problems, crop failures, and other man-made catastrophes, they felt confident they could do it with no apparent repercussions. The media says nothing and questions nobody even when the evidence is overwhelmingly against them. This will change, most likely at the "geo-engineering summit" in San Diego this February 20th. As for The National Pulse, our vote is a deafening "No!" to these hacks trying to steal the sun from every person during their time on Earth. Who do they think they are? The National Pulse feels bad for them if the answer has anyhting to do with the Almighty.

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