Friday, January 29, 2010

Bin Laden- CIA Operative, Terrorist, or Dead? ?

"Although some intolerance, bigotry, and lust for persecution is still left in religious matters, it is unlikely that religious passion will kindle wars in the near future. The aggressive spirit of our age stems from another source, from endeavors to make the state totalitarian and to deprive the individual of autonomy."

-Ludwig von Mises, 1912

The economy is tanking, officials are refusing to adopt the appropriate remedies, the American public is catching on to the ploy- what do we need? You guessed it- another dose of terrorist fear from the ghostly Osama bin Laden. As the story goes, bin Laden was killed in the attacks on the Tora Bora region in the aftermath of the September 11th attacks. He was reportedly on a dialysis machine moving from cave to cave until finally the heroic U.S. Special Forces finally killed him. No one, however, could absolutely confirm bin Laden dead and the Bush Administration would use tapes of him to inject the right amount of fear into the people from time to time to get concessions on individual liberties and divert attention from their fascistic agenda.

And so with about half of CIA agents believing bin Laden is alive and the other half believing he had died in 2001, the U.S. has continued the search for him expanding the war into the tribal regions of Pakistan. The myth of bin Laden has enabled the military industrial complex to extend the war indefinitely, chasing after an apparition, someone who will never be caught because he is no longer physically on the planet. Robert Baer, CIA agent for whom the George Clooney character in the movie Syriana is based, has been an outspoken critic of U.S. policy to continue the search for a dead man. Here is one of a series of articles written by Baer explaining why bin Laden isn't worth worrying about anymore.

The zombie bin Laden has spoken again, this time a more intriguing speech. This time, bin Laden has called climate change a reality and called on the world to reject the dollar and boycott American goods. Simultaneously, a former CIA official, Rolf Mowatt-Larssen, has issued a report claiming that Al Quaeda is patiently waiting to use WMDs in the United States. What most Americans do not know that the rest of the world does is that bin Laden is a creation of the CIA. It was bin Laden who was the mujahadeen contact during the jihad against the Soviet army. The U.S. outfitted the mujahadeen with arms and bin Laden was the front man.

As seen by the recent State of the Union speech by President Obama, the U.S. is engaged in pure Orwellian doublespeak on just about every subject. Nothing told to the mainstream by the corrupted media is in any way close to the truth. Often, what is delivered to the people is the direct antithesis to the necessary objectives needed to turn around America's sinking ship. This bin Laden tape comes at a time when the bankers have stolen trillions of dollars from the American taxpayer. The elite and Obama have no recourse from the trouble they are now immersed. They refuse to give in to an audit of the Federal Reserve Banking System and disclose their agreements with foreign governments and foreign central banks. Public knowledge of these treasonous sctivites would amount to total loss of control for them. In improving the economic situation the elite are completely stuck. They cannot raise interest rates and stabilize their failing paper currency. This will crash the economy instantaneously. They have no choice but to print their way out and this will cause massive inflation which will result in a widespread loss of confidence in the dollar. The elite know this and are expecting civil unrest. Here is a clip from MSNBC's Morning Joe show where Obama puppet-master, Zgbinew Brzezinski predicts massive unemployment, class warfare, and possible rioting.

In their panicked state, the criminal established order is pre-emptively co-opting the dead bin Laden to villanize measures that will inevitably be undertaken by the American people in due time. By doing this, they wish to label Americans who have dissenting opinions as terrorists because the argument of the elite cannot win. The illegal powers of the Federal Reserve and their supporting political base have been long concerned with the growing movement for liberty. Early in 2009 a memo was leaked from the Missouri Highway Patrol to focus on Missouri residents who were supporters of Presidential candidate Ron Paul. Here is a clip of Obama's recent choice for head of the Transportation Security Agency (TSA) who wants to target Christians as a terror threat. Recently, Congressman Ron Paul introduced H.R. 4248, the Free Competition in Currency Act of 2009, which would allow Americans to trade currencies other than the Federal Reserve note (currently legal tender laws prohibit Americans from using anything but the heavily inflated Federal Reserve note for financial transactions).

Indeed, the government is deathly afraid of the truth and people making decisions for themselves. For these reasons, the Pentagon has decided to open a new division- The Office of Strategic Deception. According to a Pentagon report, in this day and age, the truth is harder to suppress everyday. This is why they desperately need to co-opt the freedom movement with their own disinformation and persecute subversives.

The government is looking for excuses to punish people for civil disobedience. Without people to support their illegal wars, pay taxes, and use their currency, the established order will have to forfeit power. The Federal Reserve and the rest of the global elite are well aware of this fact. By making a patriotic message the message of America's ghostly arch-enemy, they are demonizing any kind of dissent. At the same time, they are pushing their dead-on-arrival agenda through a dead enemy! Bin Laden claiming climate change is a reality is just plain funny. Apparently he didn't read the East Anglia emails in his poorly lit cave. Obama and the rest of the globalist thieves are looking for anything to resurrect their dead agenda, even if it means consorting with the supernatural to convince people.

The National Pulse encourages its readership to see beyond their agenda and start making preparations to separate yourselves from the out-of-control oppression of the United States. Soon, the U.S. will conduct the ten-year census in order to gerrymander your voting district and look for new and better ways to tax you. The only thing that is required by the Constitution is to tell officials how many people reside in your home or apartment. The National Pulse suggests you tell them that and nothing more. Welcome to the revolution.

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