Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Military Base or Aid Station?

As the Haitian people hand-dig their countrymen out of the rubble of the January 12th "earthquake," criticism has continued to swirl around the quake itself, the relief effort, and the U.S. military entrenching themselves in Haiti. France was the first to question the U.S. sending Marines into the devastated country. Later Italy had more to say about the U.S. role in the country and then called for the United Nations to investigate. This is like asking Al Gore to investigate the leaked Climategate emails.

The strongest accusation came from Venezuela President Hugo chavez who claimed the U.S. Navy used a tectonic weapon, an earthquake machine, to assault Haiti. The accusation by Chavez was bolstered by the Russian fleet who also claimed the use of tectonic weaponry. Latin American leaders have all denounced the U.S. occupying role in the country. Evo Morales, Fidel Castro, and Rafael Correa, all who have been the lead targets of CIA meddling, know too well their deception. Meanwhile, Venezuela and Cuba have taken the lead in real aid, responding first to the tragedy with actual supplies. Venezuela, especially, has taken the lead in cancelling Haiti's monstrous debt of $295 million. (Click here to watch the RT news clip of Chavez making the claim days after the disaster).

Especially puzzling about this situation, is that no one in the mainstream media has confronted the President about this accusation. Instead, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was dispatched to scold anybody who was questioning why the U.S. military was controlling all four airports on the island and delaying supplies from reaching the Haitian people. Regardless of what the NWO- controlled American mainstream media thinks about Chavez, using an earthquake weapon to kill 200,000 people is a hefty charge that deserves a response. After all, the earthquake, over 7.0 on the Richter scale, was an especially odd quake. There was no ensuing tsunami, no tremors were felt in the nearby Dominican Republic, and the airports and roads were left undamaged. The HAARP facility, commissioned by the U.S. Department of Defense in 1990 manipulates electromagnetic waves and has the capability. Just last fall, the U.S. tested an earthquake weapon in coordination with the racist state of Israel. Why won't the President answer these questions?

Obama's reaction was very weird. He appeared on the Saturday following the disaster on the White House lawn with ex-President Clinton and ex-President Bush. If you didn't see this, you should- especially the part (about 1:00 mark) when Bush takes the podium and says, "...people want to send water and blankets.....just send your cash." Here is the website with the long list of organizations that want your money- never mind the blankets, food and water- to "help Haiti."

The reason people around the world are questioning the United Nations' sponsored relief effort is because the organization has proven over and over again to be a large group of fraudsters, looking to rape the world of riches and to oppress the people of the world with needless taxes. Ban Ki Moon warned the world in Copenhagen of impending doom if they failed to knuckle under to the demands of the International Monetary Fund. The U.N. is merely making good on their grisly promises. Supporting their efforts, as always, is the mainstream media coupled with people's ignorance and apathy.

Today the state of Israel is "celebrating" Holocaust Day. It is unclear what they are celebrating or remembering as they continue to beat the drums of war and threaten the entire world along with the illegal United States Corporation. What should be a day of remembering the departed and celebrating their heritage has turned into a day of plotting revenge on anyone who won't bow before Israel and answer they every demand. Bibi Netanyahu echoed George W. Bush's doctrine of "pre-emptive" war at the Auschwitz Memorial today when he said, "Never again ignore blood-thirsty dictators, hiding behind demagogical masks, who utter murderous slogans. The threats to annihilate a people and a nation are voiced in the shadow of weapons of mass destruction, which are held by irresponsible hands, by irrational thinking and in an untruthful language." Israel is clearly operating in collusion with the United Nations and the U.S. Defense Department. It is they who are the aggressors now and threatening the entire world with their hateful speech.

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