Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Obama and The Sad Revival of the Obama Charade

Tomorrow night, the President will inflict more pain with empty promises and adjacent remedies. After all, to preside over this particular economic crash in American history, the key is not to solve the problem. The key is to bide time while the puppet masters steal all the money. The sleight of hand works even better when the peoples' focus is on something other than the real problem. By avoiding the root cause analysis of the money (namely money or what money actually is).

Rumors have abounded about what will and will not be said in the State of the Union speech tomorrow. The economy will likely take center stage. This, however, will offer no substantive solutions. Obama will promise jobs and saving the "middle class" (the rich and wretchedly poor will have to wait until next year.) He will still talk about health care reform, though if he tries to strike a "feisty" tone, this could be disastrous. Governor Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania has also encouraged the President to be more authoritative, encouraging the President to "make the Republicans filibuster." Obviously, the Governor hasn't the slightest clue just how fed up Americans are with the health care reform debate.

Perhaps the funniest proposal (because at this point this is what his pathetic solutions are), is the domestic "three year spending freeze." Apparently the economy wasn't contracting fast enough. They want to kill it dead. It would have been far easier to do with health care in place. People would have been taxed literally to death and the IRS would have been able to pinpoint people's habits and desires to strangle the marketplace so as it wring out every last cent through price fixing. In reality, the wise thing to do would be to stop the ESCALATION (in capital letters for the people who think Obama is a good person) of the TWO ILLEGAL WARS America has been in for almost a decade. No- instead Obama is going to kill your job and then make a new one up that pays you less.

Likely to be missing from the speech will be the need to combat global warming. Obama got his ass smacked hard in Denmark twice- once failing to get the Olympics and the second time trying to get a global carbon tax from the entire world for his global masters. The science for climate change fell apart, with the smoking gun surfacing right before the summit, though no mainstream reporter ever pressed Obama about the East Anglia emails in which scientists willfully fudged data and tried to persecute and oust other scientists with dissenting opinions (Climategate). The Copenhagen summit was embarrassingly stalemated when the third world countries (one of which Obama is a native son) walked out when the international global elite tried to sneak a fast one and require poverty-stricken-countries to take out even more loans from the criminal International Monetary Fund.

Obama is not likely to talk about the swine flu or the massive threat faced by America that is the swine flu. Even though Obama declared a national emergency on October 26 because of the swine flu, the alleged "outbreak" was weak to nonexistent. The U.S. government spent almost $1 billion dollars on almost 195 million vaccination doses of which the large pharmaceutical companies made a killing. Almost exclusively in Europe, the push to vaccinate is being investigated for being over-hyped. It is unlikely that Obama will address this issue even though the plan was to vaccinate the entire U.S. population with a rushed, poisonous vaccine.

And finally, Obama is not likely to touch the sensitive subject of the Federal Reserve. Ron Paul and others have fought hard to bring audit legislation to the floor of Congress only for it to be ignored by a criminal President. Bernanke has repeatedly lied to Congress about the depth of the recession, yet Obama, against a majority of Americans, says Bernanke is the best man for the job. Little Timmy Geithner has been such a disastrous Treasury Secretary that Obama has been forced to switch to Paul Volcker. Geithner, the ex-New York Fed President, has his idiocy all over the yet-to-be-released AIG emails. So much for Obama's promise of transparency.

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