Monday, January 25, 2010

Is It, Are They Really that Fun?

People ask our editors all the time why we seem to be so upset with everything. In other words: Can't anything be enjoyed? The answer to that is absolutely, life can be enjoyed. However, the joy that comes with being a free human being can put a damper on some things for some people. Ignorance truly is bliss and some would rather have it that way. We at The National Pulse will have our freedom unadulterated. The problem we face now is a government completely autonomous of the people it is supposed to serve, which has thrown society askew, and is heading toward complete totalitarian control. Some of us face up to the problem. Others run and hide their head in the sand hoping the problem will go away. Others, certainly the most despicable, actively perform the bidding of their elite masters just to keep what they have been allowed to rent. Though this page has often tried to avoid focusing on the end result of elite policies, it is important to explore these things to understand exactly what is at stake. Ultimately, the elite at the top wish most of the people were dead. They really only want or need a few people to serve them. Over and over again they try their eugenics programs and, oddly enough, usually find a large number of ignorant cheerleaders happy to worship their evil.

This week, the zombie economy is about to fail. The National Pulse isn't predicting a crash this week, although there are zero reasons for it to do anything else. The damage has already been done. Trillions of dollars were stolen by Brooks Brothers suit-wearing gangsters in broad daylight. This fact, however, escapes many Americans. They think very little of themselves and expect to be taken advantage of by richer, smarter individuals. This is exactly what the bank bailout out did: it grandfathered a caste system into America. If what existed before was freedom, it ended the day of the bank bailout. Now, not only is the Federal Reserve printing gobs and gobs of worthless paper, they are passing it out to all their friends in government and industry to control the lives of citizens FOREVER. Despite assurances of the criminals and their cronies that the recession would be short and quick, Bill Gates is calling for a deep recession that will take "years" to "dig out" from. Obama, this very day, is meeting with advisors about a middle-class plan. What in fuck's sake is that? How about a plan for all Americans under the shining light of the Constitution?

In the fight against the formation of the New World Order, each individual step taken by government must be scrutinized. Since many Americans are still incapable of acknowledging the reality of the situation and the ambitions and the elite who are orchestrating the plan, it forces patriotic, human publications to shout loudly and sometimes rudely. So, in fact, truth seekers are fighting a two-front war: one against the evil elite who wish to gain control of humanity and one against the willfully ignorant dopes who are made uncomfortable by "conspiracy theories." Even as the world is crumbling in plain sight with signs of impending doom everywhere, they cannot remove their blinders for even a second for fear of shocking their belief system too dramatically.

Much of it is not their fault. Poison food, advanced brainwashing techniques, and fluoridated water have all been contributing factors in their physical incapability at copmprehending the facts as they happen right in front of their face. Now is the time to reverse the trend that has been occurring for generations.

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