Thursday, February 11, 2010

Open Up Your Mind's Limitations to Get Freedom

"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than a sincere ignorance and a conscientious stupidity."

-Martin Luther King, Jr.

The American people seriously need to open their minds to the danger to which they are faced. In general, Americans love to pat themselves on the back about how free they think is their society. Since much of the tangential problems stem from original injustices, much of the discussions today do nothing to advance the people's needs, and end up causing frustration and apathy in the masses. The mainstream media is in complete servitude to the moneyed powers that is the Federal Reserve System, the European Union, and the International Monetary Fund. They cannot be trusted to report the truth; only to bastardize it to steer popular opinion enough in the direction of their choice of exploitation.

Ask someone if they ever have seen chemtrails and they are likely to call you paranoid. Yet today in front of the House Committee on Science and Technology's Subcommittee on Energy and Environment on Solar Radiation Management , Phillip Rasch will testify. Rasch is the chief scientist for climate science at the Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, Washington. He will explain how how aerosol particles introduced into the lower and upper atmosphere might affect global warming and weather, both globally and locally, the limitations of what scientists know and how to invest research dollars, and how much the methods might cost and how long the effects could last. That's right- he will discuss how much he and his colleagues, with the likes of "philanthropists" such as Bill Gates, plan to block the sun- the object that sustains all life on Earth- this year. Not only that, they went ahead and started spraying even though some scientists have pointed out the spraying may threaten marine life.

Remember, the science behind global warming or climate change has been completely debunked. Climategate, or the leaking of ten years' worth of emails from leading climate scientists at the East Anglia University, were leaked before the Copenhagen Climate summit ion December last year. These emails, though still yet to be thoroughly perused by law enforcement, have proven that scientists fudged data, hid real data from being published, and actively collaborated to orchestrate the ouster of dissenting scientists. Global warming was to be the basis of the New World Order's global carbon tax, but when the science was debunked, the Copenhagen Summit failed.

Despite these leaks and the new revealing information coming out into the open, authorities have continued to spray the sky with aerosols, stealing the right of every person on Earth to enjoy the sunshine. The Earth is not getting warmer at all. Much of the real data shows the Earth approaching a new ice age, instead. The point is, the inability for people to recognize they are being taken advantage of is affecting everybody. Because people are letting "smart scientists" perform real life experiments with the sunshine as the economy as imploding, this growing season is in question if authorities continue to pursue their psychotic experiments.

Americans are so gullible when it comes to the political party system. They just have to be part of a group that is or has a chance at winning. To stand alone on their principles and wait for a politician to cater to their needs never occurs to people. People are so used to conforming to the evil paradigm presented to them through the media organs that they are easily suckered into believing what they are told to believe. This is rapidly becoming a possibly fatal problem if the energy of the "Tea Party movement" is morphed by the press and the Republican establishment back into a hard-right militarism.

Americans have to start distancing themselves from the Zionist Israeli government. Sarah Palin's arrival to the Tea Party Movement hijacked the loyalty of dissenting Republicans with the intention of diverting their anger from where it truly belongs. Though Palin has Libertarian ideas, her views are far from the man who spawned the movement, Dr. Ron Paul. Palin, though, has endorsed Ron's son, Rand, for his Senate race in Kentucky. She is capitalizing off the anger and general feeling of resentment people should be having towards the government after the bailout bill, rampany unemployment, and the non-stop push for a terrible health care reform bill.

Palin's views are not revolutionary or helpful at this time. She kindly stepped aside as governor of Alaska specifically to begin this run against Ron Paul (she is scripted to lose against Obama and give him a second term). The man who took her place, Sean Parnell, conveniently stepped in to help out some oil boys with a sweethweart deal. Palin's ideas lack the essentials of the original Tea Party movement; end the Federal Reserve, end the IRS, and most importantly, PEACE. Palin is war-mongering neocon who thinks any amount of Israeli settlement is lawful and in America's interest. She supports the sanctioning of Iran and a dedication to the concept of endless war carried over by Obama from Bush. Though she tries to say things that seem like a break from the norm, she is actually the perfect antidote for a grassroots freedom movement of ignoramuses. She capitalizes on people who do not pay close attention and are unable to grasp the the scope of the elite conspiracy to keep the people following their orders, fighting their wars, and using their inflated currency as their standard of living declines drastically.

Palin's flaky star power and this kind of rhetoric is troubling. She is the perfect elixir for an American public who still believe that America is a country and not a corporation. These Americans, though they think they are helping, do not realize that most of the government structure has got to be scrapped to regain freedom. Sarah Palin is the perfect candidate for the completely self-absorbed country, unaware of their diminshed place in the world economy.

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