Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What The...?! This Week in the Theater of the Absurd

“Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.”

-Aldous Huxley

As the international banking cabal continues to hold the entire world hostage, everything is getting weirder and weirder. The elite's appetite for control is insatiable and desperately they are trying to hang on the peoples' yoke for which they have worked so hard to construct. Their facts behind their crises have been proven false, their alliances unholy, and their path set on destruction or domination. Clearly, they refuse to allow people the right of self-determination, prosperity, and choice. Whether it be in America or around the world, they must be the master or else they have proven they will threaten they world with their false flag terrorism.

The world is diverse with many different cultures making new decisions every day. the elite could design a million different panels and currencies to control these peoples, yet, sooner or later, some of the people will want to do their own thing.

Unbelievably, many Americans are unaware about what is going on around them. They are continuing to plan for the future as if they will enjoy a retirement similar to the "greatest" generation (WWII). Though they are unaware of the facts driving the current situation to a head, the general uneasiness felt in the country is impossible to escape. The National Pulse thinks it must feel like sliding down a sheer cliff an inch at a time, as a giant with a grease gun gently squirts their hands periodically. Ignorance certainly isn't bliss as the thing that do not add up will come to some sort of conclusion- good or bad.

An earthquake rattles Haiti mercilessly and U.S. troops pounce on the country, dominating the airports and controlling all logistics. Hollywood, the U.N., the International Red Cross, Bill and Hillary, George W. Bush (yes, that George W. Bush) spring into action begging money for Haiti. As they do this they are sure to remind people to send the money directly to them- you always have to watch out for scams. Later Hugo Chavez, nationalist leader of Venezuela calls the earthquake an "attack" cause by the HAARP facility in Alaska. His accusation is corroborated by the Russian Navy yet President Obama never speaks of this accusation nor does the press question the president about the hefty charge. The press doesn't bring up the fact that U.S. forces were suspiciously training in the region for "disaster response," and the drastic differences between the Haiti response time and the response time of 2005's Hurricane Katrina.

This past primary election in Illinois, Scott Lee Cohen won the Lieutenant Governorship by a whopping 30,000 votes. Later it was discovered he dated a woman convicted of prostitution and they had some domestic squabbles. Though he disclosed all the information before the election, after he won, pressure came from the Democratic Party for Cohen to resign. Led by the rat fink Pat Quinn (the man who spearheaded the Rob Blagojevich ouster), parasites like Senator Dick Durbin and Attorney General Lisa Madigan weighed in with their high and mighty opinions. After being elected by the people, Democratic leaders forced Cohen to step down, subverting the will of the people. No one said anything.

In South Carolina, a person must now register with the government if you think they are corrupt. Not only that, you must pay a $5 register fee and are subject to $25,000 fine or 10 years in jail. The exact language says this, "every member of a subversive organization, or an organization subject to foreign control, every foreign agent and every person who advocates, teaches, advises or practices the duty, necessity or propriety of controlling, conducting, seizing or overthrowing the government of the United States ... shall register with the Secretary of State." Agents in the South Carolina state government have been trying to oust Governor Mark Sanford for months. Sanford was one of the governors who refused Federal bailout money. It is clear South Carolina has some hard line Federal Reserve supporters. That the "subversive" bill would even include "organizations subject to foreign control" is just funny. The Federal Reserve is a private, foreign-owned entity performing terrorism in the country every day!

The National Pulse impels its readership to weigh the facts and decides for themselves. Will you be led by the nose down the path of death and destruction?

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