Monday, February 8, 2010

Poor Leadership= Chaos

"The first panacea for a mismanaged nation is inflation of the currency; the second is war. Both bring a temporary prosperity; both bring a permanent ruin. Both are the refuge of political and economic opportunists."

-Ernest Hemingway, American novelist and short story writer, 1899-1961

With all the pageantry of the Super Bowl gone into history's book of useless information, Monday has arrived and the reality long pushed aside by greed and ignorance again rears its grotesque head. The shock waves felt last Thursday in the stock market were real. There is no recovery at hand nor will there be in the future. American and world leaders have done nothing but exacerbate the problem purposefully. Their wish is to make conditions so bad that they can literally foreclose on the entire world. This is a shaky tightrope the elite is walking because they run the risk of losing all control in trying to conquer everybody and everything.

G7 finance ministers met in Iqaluit over the weekend. Finance leaders chose this location to discourage protesters and insure the ministers see each other most of the weekend in order to solve the problems of the world economy. The theory here is simple: it is too cold to go anywhere so we will have to sit here until we come up with a solution.

The meeting is unlikely to produce any real solutions to the ever growing threat of financial Armageddon. The real solution, or rather plan of action, is being hidden from the public eye. It could be a new currency, no one really knows. What is abundantly clear, however, is that the situation is becoming very dangerous with sovereign countries threatening default. This past meeting of the G7 finance ministers has less to do with real solution than plotting what types of austerity measures are to be taken by defaulting nations. If they are unable to tax the people enough to pay down the debt, the international bankers will collude to make them fork over the capital.

Basically, the G7 finance ministers are operating just like the Federal Reserve operates over the American plantation. They meet, discuss how to manipulate the press, and talk about anything but what could be the solution to induce prosperity for the people. The next step in the demolition of the world economy will be a worldwide currency crisis. Perhaps it will be led by the dollar. Right now it appears to be led by the Euro but as always, in the ever-changing face of world economics, the situation can change in a "New York minute."

What is clear is that Greece, Portugal, Spain, Iceland, and the United States are all facing a crisis of debt. Financial honchos are talking about a bailout of Greece but it is unclear who will be the back stop this time. There just aren't any left. They can all collude and put out fires as they arise only to watch another loss of confidence occur somewhere else in the economy. There are no more gold standards left in the entire world to exploit, so managers are forced to manipulate the paper currencies by prevarication and illusion.

"Government cannot make a man richer, but it can make him poorer."

-Ludwig von Mises

The American bailout of 2008 has been forgotten by most Americans. Still to this day, no one really knows where the money went. Originally valued at $700 billion, the Government Accounting Office quietly reappraised the bailout after Congress acted at $23.7 trillion. The whole process was a criminal theft of taxpayer money.

Then, why is the recession still greatly hampering America? The answer, though the numbers are large, is very simple. The government approved the number and has been very secretive about when, how much, and for what they are creating the dollars. The Federal Reserve refuses to be transparent about their dealings because if the American people knew about their agreements with foreign central banks, their agreements with foreign governments, and the amount of money in circulation, the people would reject their criminal enterprise.

Inflation is a logical inevitability. Obviously when the Federal Deposit Insurance Company is backstopping the banks and their customer's accounts and one year later they need a bailout, the "money" is nothing but numbers in a ledger. The long slow burn is assured by those who cannot and will not give up the dream. They will prevaricate until the nobody knows what is the value of anything.
The goal of the evil doers is a cashless society. They cannot let people operate freely and barter (though they will) when times get tough. They will demand people play their game and obey the rules. Even the board game, Monopoly, has gone cashless. That's right- unbelievable but right. Monopoly will no longer use cash. The National Pulse guesses 'free' parking will be a thing of the past, also. So sorry, Monopoly bankers, no more slipping a golden $500 bill under the table when no one is looking. The time was yesterday to reject the Fed and subject their evil to an audit. Waiting will only give their minions time to deepen the recession and manipulate the military.

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