Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Unraveling of Aggression and Oppression

"Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be."

-John Wooden, Legendary UCLA Basketball Coach, (1948-1975)

Though anyone can see the situation is in dire need of revolutionary overhaul and repair, the handlers in whose hands the reins remain are stubbornly refusing to implement the changes that would positively impact the world. This game of chicken is causing all semblance of order and structure to break apart. As Ron Paul warned, social and political chaos are imminent. Bankruptcy and scarcity are sure to come now. More surprisingly to America and the world will be the disintegration of chain of command, the loss of respect for title, and the absolute disregard for authority.

Americans who wish The National Pulse wouldn't always be espousing diatribes filled with gloom and doom are just not paying attention or too small-minded to grasp the concepts and draw the proper parallels. The New World Order-controlled, globalist mainstream media outlets will never, ever tell the truth until the problems and the solutions are commonly spoken of in every one's kitchen. Until then, they will continue to make you believe economic problems are above your realm of thought, that you really don't matter anyway, that you have to accept the fate that the "smart" people will gladly provide for you.

What this publication and its devoted readership have known for a long time is that the economy will continue its downward slide. It cannot improve because people have already adjusted their life to fit the new paradigm. Even though the standard of living is dropping the elite robber baron global corporatists have to keep progressing forward, adding more rules to a corrupt to the core social economic structure further worsening the situation. At that point, when the situation is so ridiculously skewed and intolerable for people will the elite force upon them an alternative that will strip their remaining freedom, making them subject to whatever fleecing is dictated to the masses by the powered elite.

In between the fake optimism of the Bilderberg infested media, fissures of truth have been exposed and their pace of revelation is quickening. With the Holidays long gone, the Baltic Dry Index has likely seen its last crest and will explore new nadirs. It has been a year since the Stimulus bill passed and no one knows exactly whose wallet was stimulated by the bill. The money was never turned over by the government to even an attempt at job stimulus (1:34 clip of Obama's stimulus treachery...there still is no plan). The Adminstration came up with the insane concept of "saved jobs." So, in effect, was Obama paid and is paying a hefty severance to the bankers who pay the defense contractors. The massive bonuses were made to protect the theft of the government coffers. Housing, once the reason for the crisis, seemed to receive none of the stimulus help. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) backstopped the original bill, calming American fears, by insuring that personal accounts up to $250,000 would be protected by them. A year later, the FDIC was claiming they may need a bailout from the banks they were supposed to be backstopping. Consumer confidence is at its worse level in decades. Citigroup said this week that starting April 1, it may refuse customers' withdrawals. Simultaneously, all banks are going into collection mode, telling customers to keep up with bank correspondence or else your debit card will be turned off. The idea here: keep the penalty taxes rolling into the banks' coffers. Soon, some people will stop using the banks' services. When banks are supposed to protect a person's money, who needs the hassle?

"In America, there's a failure to appreciate Europe's leading role in the world."

-Barack Obama

As time ticks away without any real economic solution even being debated that would retain liberties and sovereignty, around the world, the military and political seams are deteriorating. As American, NATO, and Afghan police forces are conducting the well-publicized, Operation Moshatrak (Dari for "together"), the Dutch Government collapsed after Deputy Prime Minister Wouter Bos refused to extend the Afghan mission in the province of Uruzghan. Though global leaders like Hilary Clinton have denied NATO is weakening, this action by the Dutch government has sent shock waves through the alliance. Fingers are being pointed in every direction, as the U.S. is accusing Allies of not dedicating enough resources to defense. It is no wonder European support has dwindled for the war in Afghanistan as seemingly everyday, civilians are gunned down in cold blood by soldiers fighting an ill-defined enemy of the globalist banking system.

And the U.S. military, the leading aggressor all over the world, is experiencing decension in the ranks, a likely result of overwork and unclear objectives for their missions. The long, protracted war has left the American military mentally ill and suicidal.

Public opinion remains confused, inexplicably. Americans, intoxicated with their own importance continue to shell out their Federal Reserve Notes for propaganda movies like Dear John. Perhaps America needs a celebrity, that they so love to worship, explain to them that is no longer noble to "bring democracy" to foreign people. Maybe then they will listen. It is unlikely anyone from Hollywood or professional athletics will stand up and make it a point to publicly say that they wish nothing to do with the New World Order or quit their profession. Until people start to reject the lies thrown at them, they will be subject to the evil imagination of the elite's war machine.

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