Monday, February 22, 2010

A Word To The Oligarchs

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."

-John F. Kennedy

Today, President Obama released his plan for health care nationalization. Even though government has proven itself so inept that it could not convince the public of an influenza emergency and deliver immunizations, they have doggedly kept trying to take over the health care sector, which comprises nearly one sixth of the American economy. Americans have roundly rejected the government proposal for health care for because because they think it is wrong for people to be forced to buy government health care under threat or fine or imprisonment. The National Pulse has thoroughly documented other draconian measures in the health care bill such as RFID tracking technology that was buried deep in the House version of the bill. Inexplicably, the Obama Administration has pushed and pushed for health care though the American people have told them over and over that they do not want any reform. Clearly, America has reached a point which the elected leaders are governing without the consent of the governed.

The leaders today in government today have it backwards- public servants are supposed to serve the people. The old weapon of control, the media, is losing credibility by the day. Last week, Ron Paul won the Conservative Political Action Committee's (CPAC) presidential straw poll. This week already, the mainstream media organs, terribly frightened by the changing attitude and knowledge of the people tried to discount Paul's win. People are starting to see through the left/right paradigm and realize that the two parties are really one party disguised as two which controls the debate. A restoration of conservative American values like a non-interventionist foreign policy are once again becoming popular. Finally Americans are seeing how their meddling in the affairs of other nations is a burden to their own nation. As the economic situation in America worsens, Paul's answers are reminding thoughtful Americans about the importance of following the Constitution when governing.

This is exactly what the established elite has feared the most. And they have begun to take action. Addressing the board of governors this week, Janet Napolitano admitted that Americans are now as big a concern as international terrorists. Cunningly, though they admit the chances for domestic terror has risen in the last year, Napolitano and Homeland Security Advisor John Brennan have qualified this statement by pointing to persons affiliated with Al Queada or the religion of Islam. This is seriously misleading since the people they are truly worried about are Americans- white and black Americans who want to restore the Constitution and end the illegal corporate welfare/warfare state. The real concern of these Homeland Security Officials is not the domestic terror suspects joining Al Quaeda or training at a terrorist training camp in Yemen. They are most afraid of the reaction that will occur as their totalitarian script is played out.

Last week, the alarm bells at Homeland Security must have been ringing louder than ever before. A white man, whom his daughter has called a posthumous hero, slammed his own plane into an IRS building in Austin, Texas. Authorities refused to call the attack a "terrorist" attack, even though the violent act had all the earmarks (albeit on a smaller scale) of the attacks on the World Trade Centers in 2001. Later that week, an Ohio man, facing foreclosure, bulldozed his home to the ground. Across the country, people have been acting out against the unrelenting pressure imposed from the banking system and Big Brother government agencies. A Pennsylvania school district was recently found to be spying on students through their public school-issued lap top computers. Click here to see how the principal would use his computer to spy on kids....creepy.

People in the truth movement have been screaming about this very possibility for a long time. Finally, what we have thought for a long time has been actually verbalized by the Constitutional usurping authority, Homeland Security. At the beginning of the War on Terror, there were many who warned that no matter how much Muslim extremists were demonized, legal actions taken against the Muslims could one day be turned against any person for dissention. Obama supporters who believed he would repeal the Patriot Act, restore habeus corpus, and prosecute the authorizers of torturer should today find it to be no accident that these actions haven't been undertaken. To introduce the New World Order will require the murder of millions of Patriots.

The established order, though they are intoxicated with their own effectiveness and importance will fail at this, too. When all the trickery of "science" and lofty progressive ideals are exposed for the lies they are, when billionaires like Bill Gates face their economic undoing because of non-compliance and civil disobedience, all that will be left is the raw ugliness of the real agenda. The elite wishes to depopulate the Earth and usher in a tyrannical, totalitarian regime through which they will be able to control everything.

Joe Stack caught them all by suprise. Not only will he not fill out a W2 this year, but Stack has pre-empted any false flag attempt directed at the Patriot movement. Clearly they were not ready to prosecute Constitutionalists, 2nd Amendment enthusiasts, Ron Paul supporters, or Christians yet.

They have got to do something now. Just crashing the economy at a the pace of "a thousand cuts" will not be enough. The people's knowledge is growing faster than the establishment's coercion is able to be implemented.

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