Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hugo Chavez Ha Muerto, La Humanidad Sufre

"I hereby accuse the North American empire of being the biggest menace to our planet."  

-Hugo Chavez

One of the good ones has passed on to another world.  During the time Hugo Chavez walked the Earth, he did so as a big man, un hombre grande, standing up to the elite bastards intent on keeping the poor enslaved and the world exploited and destroyed. 

Chavez was a real populist, probably due to growing up poor.  From his humble beginning on the llanos(plains) of Venezuela, Chavez rose through the ranks of the military to eventually control the fourth largest oil-producing country in the world.  Before Chavez's ascension to power, the country was controlled largely by outside interests, raping the country for oil while keeping Venezuelans in poverty.  

Chavez nationalized everything.  This irked the large oil corporations and the forces intent on imposing a new economic order underneath a one-world government.  Chavez was scheduled to be overthrown by these global interests in 2002 before the Iraq War.  The coup was unsuccessful, however, and Chavez was restored to power that he would not relinquish until his death this week.   

"We must confront the privileged elite who have destroyed a large part of the world." 

-Hugo Chavez

The financial elite, who today are still wreaking havoc all over the world by means of their phony paper money system, despised Chavez from the start.  He was never one of them-  unwilling to sell his balls for a "privileged life of wealth."  Chavez was a real man who knew the conspirators of the new world order were full of shit and was not afraid to tell the world.  When a massively destructive earthquake crushed Haiti under mysterious circumstance Chavez was the only world leader to come out and say it was the United States testing their tectonic weapon, HAARP in AlaskaThe National Pulse also covered this terrible event with a 3-part series, found here, here, and here.)  

Hugo Chavez, representing one of the largest oil-producing states in the world, was a constant thorn in the sides of the slutbag whore politicians and their corporate pimps.  He started repatriating all  Venezuela's gold back home from thieving overseas banks.  Chavez nationalized all the oil and the assets of oil companies, declaring, "Our people will never again be anyone's slave."  Chavez even moved to seize golf courses and give the land to the poor.

Sickeningly, the U.S. media has celebrated Chavez's death and trotted out their cult of personality, the gay, half-black, traitorous corporate slave, Obama, to give the usual line stating that he and the U.S. "support the Venezuelan people." This is similar to how the U.S. has supported the Libyan people and the Syrian people-  by purposely sabotaging their country in order to allow corporate overlords to exploit its resources.

Humanity has lost an important leader, one who won't soon be forgotten.

"Let the free people of the world know that we could have bargained over and sold out our cause in return for a personal secure and stable life. We received many offers to this effect but we chose to be at the vanguard of the confrontation as a badge of duty and honor.

Even if we do not win immediately, we will give a lesson to future generations that choosing to protect the nation is an honor and selling it out is the greatest betrayal that history will remember forever despite the attempts of the others to tell you otherwise.”
-Moammar Gaddafi, Oct. 2011, from his last will and testament as delivered to The Guardian

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