Monday, February 11, 2013

Nothing Worth Keeping and the Loss of Fear

"This is the largest local reward ever offered to our knowledge."

-Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck, discussing the reward for fugitive Chris Dorner

Much has been written about the government increasing their stranglehold over civil liberties.  The most concerned will even prove government forces are systematically waging war on the America people through tyrannic edicts, prohibitions, and outright force.  Each week, the government declares some other ridiculous measure designed to stop "Al Quaeda" which in reality, is you, your brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers.  No one is to succeed, relax and live comfortably, without prostrating themselves before the power of the state. 

That is why there is nothing, no part of this phony society, created by the printing of paper money, that is worth keeping.  Immorality has a way of permeating every aspect of life when it is a priority of the masters of the game.  Decadence, waste, greed, and destruction are the foundations of
American life and unfortunately, the game has come to an end.  There are no more McMansion subdivisions left to build, no more nail shops or tattoo parlors to open, no more concrete to pour in the interest of development.  "Civilization," as defined by the Federal Reserve, their educational priests and priestesses, and the system of justice has ultimately been a total failure.

In 2013, the pace of failure is sure to quicken as pensions vanish into thin air as the rich elite dump their once treasured "blue-chip" stocks.  Eric Schmidt is selling over 40% of his Google stock.  Other whales have placed a massive bet against the American economy.  Inflation is set to soar as wage have stagnated.  Around the world, countries that have been persecuted by the power of the American dollar are moving away from it praying for its demise.     

The failure of the authorities to uphold ANY justice within the financial system has caused Americans to sour completely. Some Americans have already decidedly chosen to break off from the United States Corporation, though they still reside within the borders the United States Corporation calls its own.  The sovereign citizens are just ahead of the curve, unwilling to submit to a tyrannical, oppressive government that kills its own citizens without trial or judgment of their peers.

Therefore, it is not in the least surprising that Christopher Dorner, a former standout military person and cop, recently declared all-out war against the Los Angeles Police Gang of which he was once a 

"Do you know why we are unsuccessful in asymmetrical and guerrilla warfare in CENTCOM theatre of operations? I’ll tell you. It’s not the inefficiency of our combatant commanders, planning, readiness or training of troops. Much like the Vietnam war, ACM, AAF, foreign fighters, Jihadist, and JAM have nothing to lose. They embrace death as it is a way of life. I simply don’t fear it. I am the walking exigent circumstance you created."

-Christopher Dorner, from his manifesto, Last Resort

While many people in America are still abiding by the rules set forth by the privileged, many more each day are leaving the reservation.  Violence in urban areas matches the threat as in so,e war zones around the world.  Robberies have skyrocketed.

It is not hard to understand why this loss of faith has happened.  A decade of illegal war and enormous lies have created a terrible situation.  Should the people be afraid?

Some are and some aren't.  If they want a war, they'll get it and they'll lose miserably.  One hundred million men, armed to the teeth, will be no match for the brainwashed slobs from NATO who fight for a paycheck and not as a matter of life and death. The Dorner situation is a perfect example of how futile their attempts to protect the public and themselves really is.  Desperately, they have already shot two little old ladies and rammed a white guy's truck out of sheer panic and fear.  They are not used to being hunted-  they are used to hunting and being in control of situations.  So frightened of this man are they, they have offered a $1 million reward for any information on Dorner.  Just like that they are able to raise a million Federal Reserve notes to uphold they're tyranny.  Who says they don't care?              

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