Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fracking- The Final Blow to Humanity and the World by "Civilization"

"Water is the driving force in nature."

-Leonardo da Vinci

In the early 1700's when the first European settlers started to arrive en masse, the North American continent was an untouched paradise.  A person could drink from every river and stream, and buffalo and game were plentiful.  Industry and money had yet to corrupt the land's fertility and bounty. 

Today, almost nothing is as it was before sedentary peoples settled.  Industrialized agriculture and urbanization have consumed almost the entire land with concrete and asphalt.  The fields that had been massive rolling prairies filled with game are now dedicated to growing solitary crops, on massive scales, exhausting the soil's richness beyond the repair of chemicals.  One of the first bubbles the Federal Reserve ever created was the huge bubble in agriculture that encouraged farmers to rip up places like the Oklahoma Panhandle.  The grasslands that had once existed were able to weather the lean months without rain and keep life in the land.  When the Oklahoma farmers rushed to plant wheat and capitalize on the Fed's ponzi scheme, one result was the Dust Bowl.  The Earth was simply not supposed to be treated in that manner. 

The oligarchic faux capitalism developed by the Federal Reserve elite and their minions has been a complete disaster.  Each century this economic system, which promotes unabashed greed, has progressively and systematically destroyed the Earth. 

Today there is nothing left to exploit and destroy, except the life-giving force of water. 

Increasingly, as populations swell and economic tyrants collaborate with legislators and law enforcement in kettling the population in run-down urban areas, water is the next target of those economic tyrants that hate humanity.  The hate they feel for humanity rises to the surface when humans are about to be left to their own devices and allowed to succeed.  To the tyrant, this appears to be competition, and they will stop at nothing in order to kill their competition.

The disaster industry of fracking is the last boondoggle sought after by the criminal economic terrorists.  In fracking, large, obscene amounts of fresh water is used as an injecting force into rocks well below the Earth's surface in an attempt to extract the minerals and gases from the Earth.  After the water is used, it becomes an unusable waste product that cannot be safely consumed by humans or animals.
Fracking diagram-  pressure from the water releases
the minerals and chemicals back into the well

In many ways it seems the economy hasn't been allowed to crash simply because there are too many ways to live without a lord or master forcing tribute from the peasants.  Since the economic elite are truly facing a loss of their control, they are determined to simply destroy the natural world while controlling the safe areas with their fraudulent rules and regulations.            

What kind of maniacal, idiotic asshole of a person would allow 20,000 gallons of fracking waste water to be pumped into a riverThe same kind of person that would drink the shitty, contaminated water and try and tell people it is safe.  The Great Lakes are as low as they ever have been.  Drought and rainfall might be part of the problem, but industry and their government whores have been fracking all around the Great Lakes to extract natural gas.  The Great Lakes contain 20% of the world's fresh water.

The short-sightedness of the fracking boondoggle is a monumental mistake in a world of magnificent absurdities.  Hopefully, people will realize what atrocities are being done to them and their children before it is too late.  Water is the most essential component of life on Earth.  Without it no creature can survive.  Is fracking the Earth's crust for some natural gas and some Federal Reserve debt notes worth poisoning a finite supply of drinking water?

 "When the last tree is cut down, the last fish eaten, and the last stream poisoned, you will realize that you cannot eat money."

-Osage saying

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