Friday, February 15, 2013

The New World Order Police Define Safety

"Bribes are a phenomena that exists and it's useless to deny the existence of these necessary situations.  These are not crimes.  We are talking about paying a commission to someone in that country.  Why, because those are the rules in that country."

-Silvio Berlusconi, talking about doing business globally with bribery    

In rapid fire fashion, all over the world the global economic empire is furiously trying to redefine the morality of the made-up economic game.  Quite quickly, besides all the rhetoric of politician whores, the New World Order is revealing its ugliness in actions and deeds.  No doubt this acceleration is due to the deteriorating economy which is being kept alive by privilege and fear alone.  The banksters' world is completely destructive, illogical.  Rape and murder is common practice; part of the game.  And so it isn't surprising to watch authorities fumble from one institutional rape scandal to the next while no one is held to account.  Nor is it ground-breaking as American and NATO forces are involved in wars of greed all over the world.  According to Berlusconi and others, this is the way  "business" is done.    
Drone Operators- paid to play video games
in support of tyranny
Clearly for them, the time is now to implement all that has been prepared.  Oh, you thought the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and Libya were to save people from bloodthirsty tyrants?  How silly.

Those wars were to prepare a class of minions so indoctrinated and bloodthirsty, they would be able to implement the measures needed for complete control at home, in the United States.  The introduction of war zone biometric databases is perhaps the supreme accomplished goal of the fiascoes of Iraq and Afghanistan.  The United Arab Emirates currently has the largest biometric database of people.  But don't expect UAE to continue leading if the panicked noble class in the United States have their way with policy.  Even though America is in dire economic straits, the Department of Defense is still awarding multi-million dollar contracts in the name of tyrannical control.    

But do they really care who you are?  Are they trying to protect you?  This is absolutely not the case. 

For example, let's look at the recently concluded massive manhunt in California for former Los Angeles Police Department police officer Christopher Dorner.  Throughout Chris's career, his training in the military and police academies, Dorner was most likely praised for his performance.  Dorner was embraced and entrusted by the country and the state to protect it from wrongdoing.  Chris wore the same uniform as other officers, went to work at the same office, and laughed at some of the same dumb jokes common to a workplace.  Dorner was one of them, a member of their armed gang, pledged to back each other up until death. 

It is more than a little frightening that law enforcement chose to act as judge, jury, and executioner by burning the man alive inside the cabin he was holed up in.  Though Dorner proposed a significant threat and had already murdered four people, law enforcement acted the very same way at Dorner, whom they made out to be a crazed man bent solely on revenge. 

The police would say, "We did not intentionally burn that cabin to get Mr. Dorner out."  This however is a lie, because officers were heard saying, "Fucking burn the fucking house down."  Crazy, psychopathic or not, Dorner was once one of their own and embraced as one of them.  What a way to treat another brother.  They had the opportunity to be morally compassionate and distinguish themselves from his actions but they chose to kill indiscriminately, exactly as he had done.  Police can't look at the public and say, "We made you safer."  That is simply untrue.  The Los Angeles Police Department and surrounding law enforcement agencies-  THEY are safer-  both those officers who weren't killed and those who have pensions on the line and refuse to be caught for corruption.             

The LAPD and every other police department simply cannot afford ANY introspection into their protocols or fundamental reasons for existence as a law enforcement officer. The police uphold a phony, tyrannic society, through the charade called "law," in service of a privately-owned money printing cartel. In this phony, make-believe world where the elite pass the money out to their friends and everybody else be damned,  the lines that separate the peasants from the nobles cannot be usurped- EVER.  Even when obvious injustices have been done and people can plainly see them, a fracture in the framework of privilege would be disastrous.

In the New World Order, brothers get burned alive after they lose their career because of injustice.

Imagine if a person is not one of their gang.  How much are they detested?  Below is a picture of Kelly Thomas, a transient that was beaten to death in the street by Fullerton, California police.  Thomas didn't even have a story to tell about police corruption nor had he killed four people with a .50 caliber rifle. 

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