Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Power Outage Prayer to the God of Imperialist Desire

The Imperial Cult, Washington D.C. circa 2012 
"When the white man turns tyrant, it is his own freedom that he destroys."
-George Orwell
Last Sunday night, the depraved decaying American empire, in it final throes, was on display in front of an audience of 108 million world-wide viewers.  The Super Bowl is no longer only a professional football championship.  The entire day is a television orgy of consumerism, debauchery, and most importantly, state worship.  New commercials are aired for the first time throughout the Super Bowl.

Through the power of television, the oligarchic corporate elite have transformed Super Bowl Sunday into mass-brainwashing event.  Each year the event has turned into more and more of a cesspool of depravity-  a blatant celebration of debauchery, sex, and violence.  This year, Satanic overtones were overtly presented in advertisements, with Willem Dafoe actually impersonating the Devil and making a Faustian offer in one Mercedes Benz commercial.  Pop singer Stevie Wonder was portrayed as a "voodoo master" in a Bud Light advertisement, actually placing a curse on a guy's "lucky" chair.  Other advertisements were overly sexual or gratuitously violent.  One depicted a man waking up in a woman's apartment after an apparent one-night stand with furry leopard handcuffs on one hand.  Another showed women dancing on stripper poles.  Beyonce's halftime concert, which she performed in lacy underwear, was rather whorish, as she gyrated across the floor exposing nearly all of herself.  From start to finish, the night was a thoroughly corrupting force on children who watch the game because they like sports.

But perhaps the most curious event of the night was the "power outage" that occurred in the second half of the game.  Half of the lights in the Mercedes Benz Superdome went out for 34 minutes.  Promoters and pundits were shocked by the delay and scrambled to explain to the viewing audience why half the stadium suddenly darkened; interrupting the most-watched game of the entire year.

bust of Jupiter
Indeed, accidents and failures do happen, but to ignore such an event as simply an aberration is naive.  The 34-minute delay was a prayer to the Roman god of Empire, Jupiter.  Jupiter was the "king of the gods," extremely powerful, and the god of the sky and lighting.  For the ancient Romans, Jupiter personified the divine authority of the state and its officials to rule over the plebeians and other conquered peoples.  The Imperial Cult, formulated in the Principate of Augustus, identified emperors and some members of their families with the divinely sanctioned authority of the Roman state.  Is that how amputees of the fiascoes of Iraq and Afghanistan feel?  Like part of an imperial cult destined to conquer and rule?    

Flag of the Roman Legion
with their mascot, the eagle

Saluting the imperial nation of the United States is as important a part of Super Bowl Sunday as the main attraction of football.  The auto company Jeep, ran an especially disgusting ad about America becoming "whole again." Even as more kids are killed in America's urban areas than in war zones, the imperial elite are still force-feeding imperial patriotism down every body's throats.  The sad part is, America will never be "whole again," especially the poor bastards who came home and committed suicide because of the traumatic stress disorder caused by the horrors of war.  The whole attempt at lionizing soldiers and their mission is disgusting and repugnant.

America's Imperial Cult needs every ounce of evil energy to continue attempting to subjugate the world.

Why 34 minutes?

The above painting, Melancholia I, by Albrecht Durer, contains a Jupiter Magic Square.  The first sixteen numerals are in four columns by four rows all adding up to 34.  The corners all add to 34.  The diagonal numbers all add to 34.  For more on the magic square, click here.

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