Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Poor Stay On The Move

"It is easy to sleep on another man's wounds."

-old Irish proverb

Aside from the 1% killers, whose mimosas are drank on the top of lofty penthouses in large urban landscapes, people have throughout history been chased, rounded up, exiled, evicted, put upon, taxed, genocided, or left to starve in the cold.  The 1% are fully capable of placing blame and/or labeling these atrocities any way they see fit.  Any reason will do, other than the one that forbids them to exercise their power over people in such a matter that harms their life.  The tragic play often reads like a script, time and time again, always ending in primarily the same fashion.  The tyrant may even be defeated, but the over-arching plan of his diabolical comrades will proceed.     

Most of the people in America today are searching for something positive, something to reassure them that America's struggles are an aberration; inadequacies that can be corrected.  Most Americans, however, refuse to see with objective eyes, the magnificent scale of their inability to sort the truth from the lies of the powerful raiders.  Therefore, as the financial assassins crumble the world economy, America will be hit harder by their own inability to adapt, than by any other purposely created "crisis."  Americans are abetting their own enslavement, overseeing their own impoverishment

Most people would be able to find in their own family's history a time or multiple times where their own blood relatives were forced to flee, conscripted to an army, or simply murdered by those more powerful or connected.  There are different plays in the playbook but the game plan never changes.  The object for the financial elite has always been to reign above the slave class and prevent- through broader support and influence, the emergence of freedom.
Comanche indian Village early 19th Century
 "For greed all nature is too little."

- Lucius Annaeus Seneca

The contrast between what is being done versus what is being said by officials, becomes more absurd and asinine every day.  Lately, these contrasts have been happening so quickly, people's heads are spinning faster than watching a professional tennis match at mid-court.  Government officials want to confiscate all firearms from Americans, meanwhile America's armies kill and maim millions by way of warfare.  Government officials throw a huge party at the cost of millions of dollars for the inauguration while people are homeless, malnourished, and one paycheck away from poverty.  Government chief and imperial warlord Obama declared an end to America's decade plus wars while the Department of Defense issued $103 billion in new contracts.

"We don't deserve to be kicked out like dogs."

-Gary Molina, two-year resident of Beechcrest Mobile home park, North Laurel, MD

To be poor in America means to be always on the move.  Staying too long in one spot allows the financial assassins to take aim and attack.  Such is the case with residents of Beechcrest Mobile Home Park in New Laurel, Maryland.  Unbeknownst to the residents, the land was "given to the Howard County Housing Commission by Atapco in exchange for an adjustment to its MIHU(Moderate Unit Housing) requirement for the Howard Square Development on Route 1."  Because of this brilliant move of bureaucratic trickery by the privileged, mobile home residents are being forced to move so the Housing  Commission can erect an apartment complex for the already homeless!  Their plan is to take home away from those who have them in order to help those who have no home.  It actually makes sense in a world where to be poor means to always be subject to eviction or foreclosure.

 "...Let me remind you only of the witch-hunts of the middle ages, the horrors of the French revolution, or the genocide of the American Indians... in such periods there are always only a very few who do not succumb. But when it is all over, everyone, horrified, asks `for heaven's sake, how could I?' "

-Albert Speer, writing from prison, 1953

One could look at the ravages of the latest financial crisis, the fraud of the foreclosure debacle, or the inability of any official to be held to account for the illegal wars of aggression and think this the first time the world has ever seen such brutality.  However, this sort of imperialism has been occurring against all kinds of people for centuries. 

John George Adair-  Landowner and Inhuman Prick

Glenveagh Castle, Ireland
John Adair is a person in American history worthy of note.  Adair was a wealthy landowner in northern Ireland before he began speculating on land in America.  In August of 1857, Adair acquired 28,000 acres in the Glenveagh area.  He built the ostentatious Glenveagh Castle.  Adair decided he wanted to raise sheep and subsequently evicted 50 families comprised of 244 people from their blackhouses scattered about on "his" land.  The tyrant leveled all 28 stone houses.  for the names of those evicted, click here.

typical blackhouse, Ireland

Later, Adair became involved with Charles Goodnight of Texas and invested some of his money into the JA Ranch.  Continuing where he left off in Ireland, Adair supported the blatant genocide of the Comanche Indians and the eradication of the buffalo. 

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