Thursday, January 24, 2013

Yankee Shortstop Derek Jeter Licks The Jackboots of the New World Order Thieving Thugs

“I know my place.”

-Derek Jeter on using his stardom to interject into politics

Jeter dives into the third base
stands for a foul out in an
 important game
Quite possibly, the most famous Yankee shortstop ever, Derek Jeter, has flown to Davos Switzerland to attend the economic forum.  Until now, Jeter has been able to evade both the Democratic and Republican political gangs in the United States, at least publicly.  But evading the financial arch-criminals of the world?  Jeter was summoned to Davos for the "economic forum" and dutifully showed up.  The thieving mega-bankers obviously need to inject some recognizable people into their depleting social circle.  Then, even as former peers decline invitations they can still prance around the snowy slopes of Switzerland and show their spoiled girlfriends the handsome baseball star that they own-  lock, stock and barrel.  For the list of asswipes going to the conference because they think they are pretty important and not socializing with criminals, click here.  

Within the Major League Baseball world Jeter plays on the team the rest of the league has nicknamed the "Evil Empire."  As it turns out, in real life, Jeter is actually part of the "Evil Empire," yet another asshole minion, so pleased with himself and his phony "importance" that he will parrot any bullshit talking point fed to him by the corporate oligarchs that wish to kill humanity. 
Jeter signing autographs
It is really amazing how all of a sudden, Jeter feels the need to speak about the phony global warming science.  It is highly unlikely, that during his free time in the clubhouse, he perused the Climategate emails which exposed all the entire global warming theorists as collaborators in a world-wide academic scheme of intellectual coercion.  No, he doesn't really give a shit about that.  He is a  multi-millionaire because he can hit a baseball, field, and throw.  Why would Jeter care if people get taxed for the amount of carbon the inject into the atmosphere?   

Jeters' palatial mansion, Miami
What might he care about?  Well he did put up a gigantic monstrosity of a house in Miami Beach while he still was dating his gold-digging girlfriend.  Now the house is built and the girlfriend is dumped.  More importantly, the taxes on the large structure went up almost 200%.  Hey, aren't taxes for the poor slobs that yell "Roll Call" after the first pitch at Yankee Stadium?  Certainly it couldn't hurt rubbing elbows with some of the string-pullers that might be able to do a favor for a Hall-of-Fame shortstop and his million-dollar smile.  

This week, the clientele gathered in Davos is filthier than the worst red light district in the world.  The sociopaths in Davos this week are continuing to plan on fucking the entire world while maintaining their indispensability. 

"I wish the world would sit down get their people together… we have so many things coming, it's not going to fix, it's just five more years pointing fingers, scapegoating, using misinformation and thinking we're making a better system."

-Jamie Dimon, from Davos 2013 

It truly is a low point in the life of Derek Jeter.  With this one crystal clear move he has sided with the ultimate enemy of humanity.  This Davos trip and crowing about phony global warming should be seen as a clear break away from the real people that support him. The people of New York City, who have to work everyday to support their families, those are the people he is siding against.  The banks show no signs of stopping the financial rape of the entire world and Jeter clearly supports their agenda.  The financial masters only support Jeter because he plays their game and follows their orders. 

Unfortunately for Jeter, his inability to gauge the scope of this transgression, negates any positives he has accomplished in his career or life.  He is a piece of shit- a slave.  He can only be counted on to act as a traitor, a dutiful pet of the New World Order.  Jeter should stick to hitting in the cage and signing autographs to kids who don't know better while he still can. 

Heroes don't side with tyrants.  

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