Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Will The Spooks Attack With Their Secret Plan?

"The opportunity to secure ourselves against defeat lies in our own hands, but the opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself."
-Sun Tzu

Texas Congressman
 Jack Brooks, 1987
This month marked the passing of two Congressmen.  Jack Brooks from Texas died December 4th and Senator Daniel Inouye passed away December 17th.  During the Oliver North hearings about the Iran-Contra Scandal, Brooks questioned North about the government's plan in the event of a disaster.  chairman of the hearing, Senator Inouye quickly stepped in and stopped the line of questioning as the issue touched on sensistive classified material.
Senator Daniel Inouye, 1987
 The plan for "Continuity of Government" was developed in secret by the same bastards that control domestic and foreign policy today.  Only one newspaper, the Miami Herald had reported Operation Rex '84, detailing plans to suspend the Constitution, declare martial law, and establish a parallel government made up of military and intelligence officials. 
Twenty-five years ago before the Internet age, Brooks' exchange at the hearing came and went largely unnoticed to the American public.  Today, with a collapsed economy and President Obama sobbing on national television and pleading Americans to turn in their firearms, this exchange is more important than ever.     
Watch the brief exchange here
Why do the nefarious characters manipulating opinions and killing people think they'll win?  Becasue time after time people swallow their bullshit about lone gunmen.  True- the CIA spooks have mind control patsies and other operations they utilize, but when they want to inflict the most damage for a reaction, other players either help the patsy or do all the work and set up the drugged, brainwashed, or hypnotized patsy. 
The elite and everyone who profits off of their deceit and subsequent domination relishes how they can control a story from beginning to end and persecute anyone along the way who tries to dispel their lies. 
Watch George H. W. Bush snicker to himself in describing the "deluded gunman" that supposedly shot John F. Kennedy at Gerald Ford's funeral in July, 2012.  
But George H.W. has been in the infirmary all month near death.  His successors have carried the ball a little further but they will still fail.
It is a shame people still cannot wake up even as the desperate perpetrators have resorted to butchering 6 year-olds to accomplish their goals.  It is very sad.  However, no matter how many crocodile tears 'ole Big Ears Obama cries, or how many times some gutless Senator exclaims they "need to do something fast," they'll never get the firearms of the American people.
There has never been a better time for these low-down scumbags to give up and beg the forgivenness of the American people.     

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