Monday, December 17, 2012

Madmen and Government Staging

"A great deal of ignorance can be invested in illusion when the need for illusion is deep."

-Saul Bellow

This December, 2012, will be remembered for its pressure on people.  Pressure coming from all sides-  an increasingly intrusive pressure originating from the elites who wish to distract humanity into a long period of total slavery.  These evil forces control almost all of the resources with which to fool and dupe the public.  To keep  their stranglehold on the financial system, they will literally stop at nothing.  Blowing up the trade centers and killing over 3,000 people to get what they want is nothing.  Shooting up classrooms full of innocent 6 year-old children is not a problem, apparently, either, for their black hearts.    

The elite and their minions are seasoned professionals at orchestrating false flag attacks and then moving the discussion away from their glaring acts of violence, tyranny, and injustice.  Over and over again, it seems, Americans are easily consumed into the trap of believing the corporate media's story which is an extension of the government's rehearsed lie.  These fables rely on the peoples' ignorance of  the very real black operations carried out daily in a direct hostile war against people they supposedly protect.  As shooter James Holmes, of the Colorado theater shooting has claimed, mind control is s very real thing.  The use of psychotropic medications increases the likelihood of violent thoughts.  

In this particular shooting, many questions have been left unanswered.  Why was there a man wearing camouflage pants, taken into custody as he told parents, "I didn't do it"?  Why aren't the media looking into the fact that almost all mass shootings are committed by people who have taken psychotropic drugs?  Why are authorities making threats about "misinformation" and being so tightlipped about the investigation?  The shooter is dead, right?  It's not like the shooter is Jerry Sandusky or Jimmy Savile.  In that case, everyone would have to hush up and not say the wrong thing in order for the high-ranking pedophile deviants to go on with their careers raping and abusing young children for fun. Adam Lanza was a nobody, though.  People will make themselves feel better by spitting on his grave or describing what they might have done to him in the school.  People will feel at ease knowing that a 20 year-old nerd simply flew off the handle.  God forbid they start to confront the fact their government hopes they won't-  THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE PREY JUST AS ANY LIBYAN, SYRIAN, AFGHANI, OR PALESTINIAN. 

No one believes a fucking word the corporate media or government says anymore.  They have violated that trust way too many times.  Their bloodlust has no boundaries.   

 "All propaganda has to be popular and has to accomodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those who it seeks to reach."

-Adolf Hitler          

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