Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Top Searches of the Cognitvely Dissonant

"Immense power is acquired by assuring yourself in your secret reveries that you were born to control affairs."

-Andrew Carnegie

the beautiful Whitney Houston
circa 1987
Google, Inc. compiled its most searched items for 2012.  It could be Google edited the list making sure they censored any topics that could cause an outbreak of populism, but for the purposes of this article, we will take Google at their National Security Agency-loving word.  Topping the list was Whitney Houston, the once-beautiful young pop music artist who would later become a drug-addicted celebrity, known more for her domestic disputes with volatile spouse Bobby Brown.  Her overdose just before the Grammy awards in February was ruled an overdose, though rumors surrounded her death, as Houston joined a long list of celebrities that have died under mysterious circumstances.  Second on the list was Korean pop artist Psy, and his song Gangnam Style which turned into a YouTube sensation with its catchy dance beat and goofy-looking horseman-like dance.   The massive hurricane that ruined the Jersey Shore wound up third, surprisingly, since the disaster was not related really, in any way, to pop culture.

People should look no further in wondering why a economically and morally bankrupt America is about to fall into receivership.  The people within its borders have allowed themselves to mindlessly accept what they are told without question.  For generations, those that have spoken out against wars of aggression or economic fraud have been marginalized not only by the corporate media but also the brainwashed idiots who accept verbatim the lies fed to them.  By controlling the educational system and the crap they call "culture," corporate forces have engineered a populace unable to grasp any sort of higher-order thought.  The sheeple have been seduced by Satanic masters that are purposefully steering the world towards a slavery darker than the world has ever known.    

"Only the dead have seen the end to war."   


Waiting for the 100th monkey to arrive is difficult as it seems there are so many idiot slaves preventing humanity from any sort of growth because their feeble minds are just energetic enough to be seduced by Satanic filth and their Faustian promises.  No doubt more people than ever have seen the injustice, learned the lies they once believed are untrue, and recognized their own foolish acceptance of  so-called facts.  The facade is crumbling, and it is apparent the promises of the Mayans may have more to do with evil falling and the corrupt exploiters being removed from power, than the destruction of the planet.  Desperate as they are to stay in control, the elite would much rather scare the shit out of people so that they fiddle why chaos ensues, rather than intelligently realize what is happening to them, on purpose, every single day. 

The National Pulse has accumulated its top 4 subject searches for 2012.  Considering the fate of humanity is teetering on a shaky fence, these subjects might be a little more interesting than a new video game or crappy new pop song produced by Luciferian record-makers.

1.  NATO's unprovoked, unlawful invasion of Libya, a sovereign country in 2011 
Russian artist Victoria Tsarkova's
 rendition of Moammar Gaddafi
Brainwashed believe:  Gaddafi was a tyrannical dictator that tortured the Libyan people.
Undisclosed to the mainstream:  The Great Man-Made River Project, built without a dime from the IMF or World Bank was completed and scheduled to go online and turn the deserts green.  The New World Order could not allow success outside their tyranny. 
2.  Jerry Sandusky/ Jimmy Savile ritual abuse pedophilia cases
Brainwashed believe:  These were isolated incidents.
Undisclosed to the mainstream:  The District Attorney of Pennsylvania disappeared in 2005 after researching charges against Sandusky.  Many, many more high-profile Brits are implicated in the Savile case though ties to secret societies is being withheld by the corporate media    
3.  Suppression of the price of precious metals 
Brainwashed believe:  The price is determined by supply and demand like they learned in high school economics.  The printers of fiat money will never pull the plug on the currency because they really want the world and especially the United States to "succeed."
Undisclosed to the mainstreamThere is far more paper gold and silver certificates that have been sold than there is physical reserves.  The price is arbitrarily set by a powerful few in London to maintain the viability of the U.S. dollar.

4.  The rape of the planet and fraudulent attempt at "saving" the Earth for future generations
Brainwashed belief:  A carbon tax might be what is needed to be paid to governments to curb carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
Undisclosed to the mainstream:  the Climategate emails; the systematic destruction of the planet by oil producers and miners; the abuse of large agri-businesses with their hazardous use of pesticides; the cover-up of blatant weather manipulation

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