Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Waste-Loving Culture

The U.S. School for Indians, Pine Ridge, South Dakota
In todays' world, where so very little makes any sort of logical sense, sometimes a look back into history can help crack the code of insanity that is unraveling in front of our eyes today.  The above picture is striking because of the contrasting lifestyles pictured together.  The group of simple tipis in front of the factory-like buildings in the the middle of the expansive prairie is a reminder today of how today's severely destructive, wasteful culture was born and continues to infect the attitudes of souls today.  The United States' subjugation of the Indians through brainwashing and manipulative techniques was believed to be important during this time period.  Therefore, the elites behind the government funded these "culture-breaking" centers, at no doubt enormous cost, to be built in the middle of the Great Plains. 

 "The very power of [textbook writers] depends on the fact that they are dealing with a boy: a boy who thinks he is ‘doing’ his ‘English prep’ and has no notion that ethics, theology, and politics are all at stake. It is not a theory they put into his mind, but an assumption, which ten years hence, its origin forgotten and its presence unconscious, will condition him to take one side in a controversy which he has never recognized as a controversy at all.”

-C.S. Lewis

Today many people are on welfare; maybe not starving, exactly, but at the mercy of the corporate poison food pushers.  Still, despite as many people struggling as there are, The Powers That Be will always have enough to spend on their circuses or upholding their hoax of authority. 

Some examples of unbelievable waste: 

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