Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"The United States is one big reservation and we are all in it."

-Russell Means


Most problems in the world are fought over land control disputes.  The Arab-Israeli problems stem mostly from disputes over land.  The Jews believe the land on the shores of the Mediterranean was given to them by God and thus have the right to steal it from Palestinians who, in some cases have been there for generations.  The fanatical religiosity of Zionism has hijacked Judaism and uses their immense influence to eradicate the indigenous people- the Palestinians- from the area.  Their military assaults are calculated and destructive, vicious, and merciless.  The morally bankrupt corporate media acts as cheerleader as the Israeli army kills innocent women, children, and their competitors within the media.  Israelis coolly describe such a butchering operation as "mowing the grass."   

Nate Champion killed
by mercenary posse 
The United States has been complicit in similar war crimes throughout their relatively short history.  The U.S. forced the indigenous Native American peoples off of their lands, and, even worse, forced them to abandon their way of life.  To read the stories are heartbreaking both for the loss of life but also the loss of freedom for all men.  Surely, white men did not see their own futures being decimated in concert with their defeat of the Native Americans.  The pain has not stopped and the same wealthy elite are still oppressing the masses in their attempt to stifle freedom.  It is not always easy to see who the protagonists of terror really are until the the spoils of war are divided amongst the victors.  Then, even if it is clear to most that the opposite is true, consent is manufactured by the corporate bootlick media.

Songs of redemption are forced to be sung by the resistance.

Especially poignant is when the greed and aggression is laid out bare without the complex distraction of racism.  The Johnson County War that occurred at eastern slope of the Bighorn Mountains laid bare what "Manifest Destiny" is all about.  The West wasn't stolen from the Indians for the white race to settle as small farmers.  The Johnson County War proves that corporate interests were what counted.  The "law," the arbiter of justice is easily trumped in instances concerning land ownership.      

The mercenary army that invaded Johnson County, Wyoming Territory

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