Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fear, Loathing, Immoral Codes, Chickenshits

"In the consciousness of the truth he has perceived, man now sees everywhere only the awfulness or the absurdity of existence and loathing seizes him."

-Friedrich Nietzsche

Upon hiatus, your editor took some time to evaluate the state of the world, the fraudulent fiat money system that controls the world, and the happiness of people.  When one embarks on such contemplation, it is impossible to consider everyone's status in the make-believe economy, their ignorance, and their prejudices that contribute to their world view.  To draw a sufficient conclusion while considering all the variables would be more accurate.  However, simple observations are better understood watched and heard no matter how incredulously perplexed serious consideration of their underlying factors can make a person feel.

What had previously been whispered about-  the phony, fiat, paper money ponzi scheme, has been exposed as a fraud and as very negative aspect of life on Earth.  Most people know this as fact.  The "market" has become a series of imaginary numbers that float across the screen of CNBC and Bloomberg.  Sophisticated algorithmic computer programs keep the monotony up, raising a stock or commodity up and then leveling it out.  Nothing is traded against actual worth or actual news-  in todays's rigged dream of a market, if a stock price rises or falls it is to fatten some whale's wallet or, more importantly, squeeze the shit out of people.            

The high-ranking dramatists that pose for the camera have set their goals on a fictitious narrative that leads to the journey, which leads to the bridge, which leads to the doors of success.  It's always just around the corner, wink, wink.  People can be sure of one thing during their masterful thespian tutelage, the monolithic power of the state won't stop squeezing until they drain every last drop of wealth, blood, or dignity from every warm body. It still seems stupid to hear a politician claim the people are clamoring for jobs.  Why? So they can devote all their time, too, in addition to being in steep debt? 

"Nothing lives long
Only the earth and mountains."

-  Cheyenne death song sung by White Antelope before he died with others at the Sand Creek Massacre (from Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee) 

For a long while, it wasn't clear if people actually believed their lines of bullshit or what.  It was then the realization came that most people are scared....actually, more like terrified of seeing their masters defeated.  Despite all the terrible effects of war and poverty, people are petrified of real change and in some cases, would rather kill their own brothers instead of standing on the side of peace and prosperity.  They had taken the bait a long time ago-  when they first deemed themselves successful in correlation to how much "money" they made.  After that, a new moral code, based on the fraudulent, printed money, was born.  So badly do people want their lives to be consequential, they cannot bear the thought that maybe they were sold a whole bunch of shit goods.  Not a little bit-  a whole shitload.  And this time they will sell their children into an even deeper slavery with their cognitive dissonance.

People will deny this up and down, but there it is, on a daily basis, slapping them in the face.  Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel summed up the absurdity as he was pleading for Chicago to have more degenerate casinos, "As I have said before and will say again, if we were to get a casino, I'd like to direct all the resources to school modernization and school improvement so our kids will be in modern school buildings with a full school day and full school year."

Most of the drones watching on television or reading in the newspaper must think, "Yes, this a good plan.  Wow, are Rahm and his politician friends generous."  Other people hear something like this think, "Sure, brainwash the youth in indoctrination centers which promote sycophantic behavior while you and your buddies drain any sense community life through a callous, degenerative economic endeavor like a casino."

It's not like kids are going to school to learn how to own a casino-  they don't even go to learn how to sweep up the casino floor.  They are being left behind on purpose.

Evidence of this fact appeared recently when the Caterpillar Workers Union settled on a terrible contract.  Even though the company is still thriving raking in record profits, the workers got nothing.  All the profits are at the top because the union was obviously compromised.                        

Everyone is on the same team because they all accepted the same moral code, the same definitions of success.  So it is really not all that surprising that the Empire always wins, with the help of their brain-dead chickenshits. 

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