Wednesday, May 9, 2012

London and Chicago: The Circus of the Police State

"In a state where corruption abounds, laws must be numerous."

-Tacitus, Roman Historian (55-120)

A Blackhawk helicopter circles Chicago's skyscrapers
in preparation for the NATO summit

Lethal force on the
streets of London,

Perhaps the best clue as to what the future holds if the banks and economic elite are to have their way will be the NATO summit in Chicago and the Olympics held in London this summer.  While the Establishment has promised both the NATO summit and the Olympics to be an economic boon for each respective city, reality could paint a much different picture.  Though Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel has pledged that taxpayers will not be on the hook for the $55 million cost of the summit, controversial gatherings of the world's most powerful warlords have drawn the ire of people.  The meeting of the G8, G20 nations in Canda two years earlier cost the taxpayers at least $833 millionThese get-togethers are needless.  The controllers like it because they get to saddle the people with loads of new phony debt.       
"Blessed are the young for they shall inherit the national debt."
-Herbert Hoover
 London is sparing no cost in a grotesque show of force before and during the Olympics Games.  Besides lane closures and Olympics-specific traffic patterns for "dignitaries," Britain's military has commenced coordinated land, sea, and air operations to deal with a potential "terrorist" attack.  As Kevlared-thugs roam around London looking up their own ass for terrorists, traffic patterns have been altered for Olympic "VIP"s.  The entire Olympic circus is an operation of tyranny-  making everybody suffer in order for the circus to idiotically perform.  The Games are no longer a celebration of humanity or hard work.  They are another chance for the out-of-control police state to display their new toys of control and death.   If the risk is so high for having the Olympics, why even have the games if it going to cost over $1 billion for security and much more in annoyance for the people who live in London? 

Obviously, the show of force is the real goal of the Games.  Heck, a gold medal isn't even made from real gold anymore.  Yet, over a billion dollars is available to have everything from surface to air missiles on rooftops to fully armed tactical teams on the ground.  The money numbers for the labor forces do not even matter-  if the priority is high for violent conflict, Federal Reserve Notes can be printed infinitely.

Chicagoans will be made to suffer a couple months earlier as the New World Order warlords meet on Chicago's Lakefront.  Why is a NATO meeting in Chicago necessary?  Click here for the three broad issues the summit will focus on

On the surface, the summit may look as just another meeting of the bloodthirsty criminals trying to kill and spread fear throughout the world.  However, this summit is more about the people who live in and near Chicago.  A "no fly" zone will be instituted.  Interestingly enough, a "no fly" zone has preceded the last few unprovoked, illegal wars of aggression (Iraq, Libya).  Chicago's streets will be subject to "rolling closures" so that imperial war machine officials do not have to wait in traffic.  And the TSA may be installed on commuter trains to grope peoples' genitalia in the name of the "terrorism."  The purpose, it seems, is to inconvenience people greatly and to scare them with shows of force by high-powered weaponry.  And then there is also the chance that NATO's own provocateurs may provoke their own fight with police and result in an indiscriminate crackdown on everybody.  

These militaristic overtones really shouldn't be a shock to anyone.  The only method left for the imperialists to employ is violence.  It is their only value; the only reason they retain power.  The illusion of paper money is gone.  The game must be re-started, a new group of people demonized, so the clock can be re-set.

"Truly it is an evil to be full of faults; but it is a still greater evil to be full of them and to be unwilling to recognize them, since that is to add the further fault of a voluntary illusion." 
-Blaise Pascal  


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