Friday, August 31, 2012

Clint Eastwood and the Madness of the Authoritarian State


Clint Eastwood spoke last
night at the Republican National Convention to an empty chair.  This address was similarly to his cryptic Super Bowl Halftime commericial where he tried to give the entire nation a win-one-for-the-Gipper speech.  This time, sitting in the empty chair was supposed to be a the skinny Obama.  Oddly enough, in today's world when even "reality" shows are scripted, the Hollywood icon chose to ad-lib a prime time speech ahead of the Republican nominee on Romney's biggest night.  In the age of the Corporate Fascist totalitarian state, very little is left to improvisation, though it is not surprising Clint Eastwood was chosen to "wing it" for the dying empire.  One can readily assume Clint was chosen by the party to represent the majority of their fading membership-  older white people with paper money who are upset with taxes and the state of the economy but want the Empire to continue pillaging and the Federal Reserve to continue counterfeiting.  They fret about inconsequential things like Obama's blackness and the expansion of the welfare state, but they are not interested in curbing America's appetite for war or greed.  They feel like they have been successful in their endeavors and fully resist the notion that their wealth is a complete illusion, made up by economic central planners that allowed them to live in exchange for their ignorance and loyalty.  Most of all, they focus on the pieces of information that their large egos and small brains can handle.  Any realization that the world is a make-believe, constructed by a cabal that chooses winners and losers, is too uncomfortable and scary. 

Clint himself has a lot at stake.  Eastwood has made scores of film and holds more paper money than most (except Mitt who makes $58,000 a day just waking up).  He has been pegged as a member of the Bohemian Grove, a satanic group of powerful men who meet in costume and participate in creepy ceremony like child sacrifice.  As weird as it was seeing the aged Eastwood last night telling the empty chair to shut up and let him talk, everything started to make sense. 

Perhaps the most brazen line of Eastwood's impromptu rally was when the thespian declared that, "We own America."  This type of attitude is known throughout the world as being typically American.  "We deserve it so we will do whatever we want."  Before America was bordered by two oceans, this idea helped kill all the buffalo and sequester the Native Americans onto reservations.  Since then, the "gringo ideology," has permitted the United States and their military to commit all sorts of atrocities all over the world.  in the financial world, Anglo banks were able to conjure up phony monetray instruments which has put the entire world in peril.  

Of all people to reiterate this idea-  Clint Eastwood was the perfect choice.  Of his many movies where he played essentially the same character, last night was reminiscent of one film, in particular. 
In High Plains Drifter, Clint plays his familiar character "The Stranger" again. In High Plains Drifter, "The Man With No Name" has supernatural qualities.  Often missed due to commercials or other distractions are some important details of the story's plot.  After a man who ratted on three other men for "stealing" gold from the government mine, the tattler was bull-whipped to death by the three in the middle of the street. 

Though some interpret Clint's character as being the ghost of the man who was bullwhipped to death, The National Pulse believes The Stranger, in this case, represents government.  In Clint's opening scene, he rides into town and goes to the barbershop where he kills all three gunfighters, the only law in the town, while he is lathered up to be shaved.  Then he is assaulted by a woman who he takes into a livery stable and rapes.   

Because of all the violence that has happened and with the three "gold thiefs" due out of prison soon, the townspeople are looking for protection.  The townspeople beg The Stranger to stay offering him "anything he wants."  The stanger accepts and proceeds to turn the town in a living hell.  The Stranger paints the town red, makes the midget mayor, and organizes an ambush for when the men arrive after their prison release.  When before the three men arrive into town looking for revenge, The Stranger rides out of town.  At their time of need, The Stranger is nowhere to be found and the townspeople suffer.  Eventually, The Stranger comes back to kill the three.

Clint has a one way conversation
with a piece of furniture
Most people, especially the mummies in both political parties, believe government is the answer to the problems of the world.  They believe government can protect them.  In reality, government delivers exactly what they were hired to protect against.  Government is continually raping the people and pillaging the landscape.  While the big banks control the currency and manipulate interest rates to squeeze people out of land ownership, government buys the land up which has forced people to have to live in glorified suburban ghettos. 

If Clint cared about anything but his own wealth, he would tell people that America was a lie from the beginning.  White men received bullshit charters from bullshit nobles and claimed the land and the people on it as their own.  He would tell the people to not bother voting that the whole thing is rigged to keep the rich and powerful from ever relinquishing their wealth or power.  But he can't.  He has aligned himselves with the men who own the printing press and they'll trot him out there to speak to empty chairs anytime they want.

"My reason teaches me that land cannot be sold. The Great Spirit gave it to his children to live upon. So long as they occupy and cultivate it, they have a right to the soil. Nothing can be sold but such things as can be carried away."

--Black Hawk


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