Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Confusion, Bankruptcy, and Transfers of Wealth

"Justice that love gives is a surrender, justice that law gives is a punishment."
For Sale:  Large retail space with multi-acre lot of concrete

-Mohandas Ghandi

With all the confusing turmoil created by the money-printing, power seekers, it is enough to make a person throw up their hands in desperation.  Even though there is hardly an argument against the fact that the United States is rapidly descending into totalitarianism, people are still unable to see the forest from the trees.  Baby-boomers are too concerned about their retirement to see the need to stand up for humanity.  Thirty and forty-somethings are busy raising their own kids and too preoccupied with their own survival to voice any effective protest.  All energy is devoted to the next paycheck as today's Federal Reseve Notes vanish as quickly as they are passed out.  Most of the young have no discernible ethos other than obtaining "success and money."

For the elite, success is a zero-sum game.  And the fraudulent money system will go on and on with accelerating violence and boldness as long as people are unable to envision an alternative to their established tyranny.

This election cycle, Ron Paul has been a loud voice against the government hijackers and the terrible boom and bust system of the Federal Reserve banking system.  Despite wide appeal, media outlets and the large, monolitic two-party political system continues to spit in the faces of people as they have already discounted his candidacy and forbidden him a chance at the Presidency.   

Texas Congressman Ron Paul pictured at the National Press Club,
September 10, 2008, after suspending his Presidential campaign but
refusing to endorse any candidate 

The National Pulse has been part of the cacophony of voices railing against the rampant theft, fraud and violence.  Though there is little left to say, save the details, we will continue on until and beyond when the powers that be finally find the courage to make good on all the totalitarian foundations they have laid.

Why have they yet to begin Afghanistan-like late-night home invasions of Americans?  Why are they postponing what they have prepared for?  It is no secret, anymore, if that is what is holding them up.    

It is certainly NOT because they are scared of the people.  Maybe they aren't quite prepared and need an event to counteract.  Late 2011 and early 2012 have been marked by gratuitous slaps to the face of all people who live in America.  The true acolytes of the New World Order continue to rob and plunder and accept praise from the puppet media.   

Perhaps it is because there is much left to steal or be consolidated under a single stewardship.  Whatever the game plan is, it is difficult to understand how the people involved in perpetuating the tyranny can continue persecuting people and getting away with it.  It is hard to say if anybody can even enjoy the profits stolen, the tax breaks given, or the property seized.  One would think part of the thrill of success would be to excel in a prosperous world; not a paradigm where success involves immoral scavengers picking through the bones of the ravaged and partying in luxurious hotels down the street from tent cities.       

Here are some recent bankruptcies worth noting.  Don't bother looking to the mainstream media to investigate these stories-  JayZ and Beyonce just had a baby, Halle Berry got engaged, and LeBron James married his long-time baby-mama.

  • MF Global-  Bilderbergers and other globalist members can do whatever they want as long as the money is not stolen from other peers (see Bernie Madoff).  Working stiffs can expect no compensation as the failure of Corzine's bets also included their "segregated" funds.  Over $1 billion in customer money has been stolen and Corzine has yet to be arrested.  38,000 farmers have sued MF and Corzine for their stupid bets on European debt.  "This is a suit by the real victims of MF Global," said plaintiff's attorney Mark Baker of the law firm Anderson, Baker & Swanson. "The missing funds were not investments in MF Global, or loans to MF Global, but rather the customer's own money as collateral to guaranty their contracts. They were not to be used by others – let alone their own broker – to speculate on risky and exotic securities."

It is embarassing to watch so many so-called authorities as they try to "muddle through" the un-prosperous times they have created and have fought hard to perpetuate.  It has all become such a joke and the hard-liners refuse to admit the jig is up.  No matter how many Iranian scientists they kill or Latin American leaders are given cancer, the reign of terror of the arrogant powers is over. 

It would be nice were they to just give up.  But they are insisting on continued fighting for their evil principles and greed.  

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