Monday, December 12, 2011

Make 'Em Print It

George Bailey uses honeymoon cash to
stop a bank run, from the film "It's A
Wonderful Life"
"We experience moments absolutely free from worry.  These brief respites are called panic."
-Cullen Hightower 
Latvians Call To Get Physical
More than 10,000 Latvian people have run on the Swedish bank, Swedbank.  Since the weekend, depositors have withdrawn $48 million in cold, hard cash upon hearing the bank was insolvent.  Though this was only 1.5% of assets the bank claims to have on its books, banks these days have been known to use flatulence as collateral.  Remember, no matter what the large banks try to tell people about their ability to deal with shocks (stress tests), when a bank goes belly up and declares a bank holiday, depositors are the last to receive their cash, if at all (see MF Global, Herstatt Risk).

Bank authorities are trying to play the run down, saying the rumors were "absurd."  Of course, saying that banks are insolvent and cannot supply enough cash were everyone to ask for their money at the same time is a crime in Latvia and throughout most of the banker-dominated world.  Spreading false rumours which threaten the stability of the banking system is a criminal offence in Latvia, with a sentence of two years in jail.

Therefore, the "keystone cop" police are going to search for the dastardly culprits who might have spread the rumor.  No, no- don't arrest the fraudsters who steal pensions and start wars for control of commodities.  Don't arrest the money-printers who threaten world stability with their insatiable greed.  Don't arrest the criminal politicians who let the bankers rape the people and throw them from their houses out into the cold.

No- arrest some longhairs in their mid-20's who have yet to have a job because of the stranglehold the banks have on the world.  "I do not have any information about the sources of the rumors. We are waiting for the authorities to identify them,” said Maris Mancinskis, SwedBank's Latvian praetor.  Someone should tell this knucklehead that the rumors are true and have been for three years.  It is dipshits like him that keep the phony charade of tyranny and poverty going year after year. 

All they did was take the measley money out of their tiny accounts.  Go start up the banker's press and print some more paper.....

.....You bunch of banker crybabies.      

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