Thursday, January 12, 2012

Is Peace and Prosperity "Kooky"?

“They use those terms because they can’t defend themselves intellectually.”

-Texas Congressman and Presidential candidate Ron Paul to FOX News' Gretchen Carlson on why he believes detractors call his ideas "kooky" (watch the interview here)

For years the decadent politicians have sucked the teets of the wealthiest donors for campaign contributions.  This overt prostitution caused them to recreate their platforms around the interests of the most generous corporate pimps.  Politicians "doing the right thing" took a back seat a long time ago to amassing the most funds in echange for political favors.  The more Federal Reserve notes accrued by a candidate determines that candidate's chance of winning.  The issues are rarely examined, lest the people find out how badly they are being screwed. 

Today, however, the contrast between Ron Paul's words of peace and the rest of the devilish war-mongering candidates is stark and absolute.  Enemies of the people, the manipulators in business and politics, have resorted to calling Ron Paul names becasue they have no defense for their support of wanton aggression and illogical, destructive economics.  Their way has been a proven failure-  a complete sell out to the world's financial elite who are not yet done with their sick goal of domination.  

Perhaps a glimpse of how deadly this ignorance is can be seen today in Greece.  Greece is severely in debt to the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund, Greece owes their paper money pimps about $14.5 billion which they will never be able to pay by March 20.  

For the money pimps, they never intended to structure the deal so that Greece or anybody in their wicked web would be able to pay the debt.  The international racketeers wouldn't be able to foreclose if Greece could pay them back.  

And so, since the the central bankers convinced Greeks they would be better off in the Euro they will now have to accept the "kooky" idea of forfeiting their land.  Conditions have gotten so bad in Greece, mothers are abandoning their children because they cannot afford to take care of them.  The state is so badly in debt, they have been forced to sell bonds using state property as collateral.  Greeks have begun to sell other assets like airports, harbors, and land on the islands of Rhodes and Corfu.  Undoubtedly, the situation will get much, much worse, as the Greeks are having their homeland stolen from them by the masters of  financial illusion.

America will face the same reckoning if they continue to keep their heads firmly up their asses.  Peace is not kooky.  Sound money is not kooky.  

Kooky is believing in the good will of war mongerers and economic psychopaths who care little for human life.                    

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