Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Peaceful Protest? Why?

"Everyone who wants to do good to the human race always ends in universal bullying."

-Aldous Huxley (Author, 1894-1963)

Not impressed by the Walls Street protests?  Neither are we at The National Pulse.

Maybe it is the chemtrails and the HAARP machine's mind-control frequencies producing the malaise, but the newsroom of The National Pulse has slowed considerably.  There is just not that much worth saying anymore.  Not that there isn't reporting to be done.  Heck, Chynna Phillips just got canned on Dancing With the Stars and there were numerous murders and car accidents on which to gross out one's self.  

This publication has been waiting for the public outrage, looked for it, and now that  some protests have happened, they are disappointing.  The protests, dubbed "Occupy Wall Street" are not organic and do not reflect the peoples' desires.  Why would they be?  Nobody, save a few wealthy gamblers lives in that particular urban jungle of New York City.  For that matter, any other urban area where the corporate resistance machine is able to fight it's own boss and thereby control the real enemy- the people- is not a good place to launch a stalwart protest.  Why occupy the city?  Let them have it.  The small-mindedness of these protests forgets that the biggest struggle won't be about how we can live together but how we must be allowed to be apart from the New World Order and their tyrannical pogrom;  one example being Agenda 21.  "Sustainable" measures are in the smallest of hometown governments.  

The established order, with all there bailouts guaranteeing their societal position for the meantime, know there will be emotion.  Not the kind of emotion like when a neighbor loses their job and people feel bad and hope they get a new one so they can be respectable.  This kind of emotion will come not from the sudden realization that the money is gone; but from the realization that there never was any money.  Peoples' pensions and life savings will not only have lost considerable "worth," but the prices of real goods will start to climb unmercifully.  Then and only then will most people want to stop this stupid game of Federal Reserve Note worship started by the tyrannical bankers, their racist monarchs, the Vatican, and all the political ankle-biters.

People say, "That's my city.  We'll go and protest."  No, it isn't.  That real estate was lost long ago, when your parents and grandparents accepted concrete, skyscrapers, and cyclic war for the outright lie of paper money printed by men. 

The National Pulse wonders how many of the protesters, who say they are the 99%, are going to college to "get a good job?"  What percentage of the people who say they are the 99% have a bank account where they keep most of their financial  holdings.  

The people who say they are the 99% must believe there is a peaceful political solution to the problem.

Why would they think that?  Maybe because they think they received a great education throughout their life. About 99% would be severely mistaken.                         

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