Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Treacherous Jungle of Normalcy

"Every educated person is a future enemy."

-Martin Bormann (Nazi soldier, 1900-1945)

Indeed, by not confronting the real economic issues that plague society, people are staying confused in the dream world created by the FRN (Federal Reserve Debt Note).  The pressure to enforce "normalcy" or regular societal expectations is causing break downs everywhere.  Though the problem is affecting society as a whole, nowhere is the economic stagnation and retardation as pronounced as in today's high school setting.

The requirement to attend and graduate from high school has been a social milestone for generations.  Over the years, groups close to the Federal Reserve's faucet of money, have used schools as indoctrination centers by which to condition and brainwash their victims.  In most urban areas, where attendance is poor, organizations like the Gates' Foundations has stressed student choice in choosing between charter schools which may or may not be privatized by a corporation.  Corporations invest in education to enforce their values and to condition the students the way they want.  

Overall, the major corporations want dumb drones who lack critical thinking skills that will submit to their New World Order police state.  All children suffer because of this insistence of the elite that all children attend public school.  In the urban areas, students are exposed to crime, drugs, and violence because most of the students who attend school do not value academia or education of any kind.  Thuggish behavior, taught on the street and in the household, is brought into the classroom where teachers are unprepared to deal with the extreme behavior.  Check out this clip from a fight in biology class at Chicago's Sullivan High School.


I think most people would re-think sending their son or daughter to that hellhole again.  And that is just when kids attack other kids.  Even the adults get into the act.  Most times, though, adults end up taking the brunt of the abuse as they try to break up fights.     

And for what?  So that Juan can join the military?  So that DeAnna can be a special education teacher for students that cannot read?

Though city administrators and others say they are trying to find the answer to high schools' problems, the biggest problem with high school is it is a colossal waste of time.  The United States doesn't manufacture anything anymore.  The corporatist success story, in their snappy Brooks Brothers' suits, is a lie that soon everyone will realize.  The best chance most teens have is going to the military where they will be thrown into the meat grinder of war.  If they survive that ordeal, psychological trauma or other problems will scar them the rest of their lives.  

Nonetheless, Rahm Emanuel and other educational social engineers want to extend the school day.  As if the day isn't already long enough.  It is wrong for kids to go to school when it is dark and come home when it is dark. The established order's only interest is to keep everyone occupied and stupid while they loot the land and sell commodities off to trans-national corporations.  How else will they be able to create mass fear and prejudice with everyone doing something else?    

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