Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy Anniversary, War-tards

“I had the application the next day.”

-  U.S. Army Capt. Kelly Green describing the panicked time after 9/11 when she signed her life over to the Armed Forces 

The Chicago Sun-Times published an article today about the troops on the tenth anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan.  The Sun-Times, like most corporate newspapers, are captains of the obvious, terribly predictable.  Lately, for instance, they have been running a shocking expose about basketball star Derrick Rose's neighborhood Englewood.  The Sun-Times' Rick Telander explains about Englewood's violence, "This isn’t a foreign country or a hurricane or a concentration camp. This is us. Somehow we got here on our own."  It is that kind of riveting journalism that earned the Sun Times a Pulitzer Prize last year from the corporate newspaper honchos.  Nevermind alerting its readership about the dangers of an economy based on debt, war, and drug prohibition; rather focusing on the symptoms-  that wins awards in the corporate media sphere. 

The Sun-Times is again out-doing itself with its anniversary of the Afghanistan invasion.  Here is a look at some of the quotes by military personnel with The National Pulse's answers to each idiotic assumption.

NFL star Pat Tillman

“I honestly thought it was a situation where we would eventually find bin Laden and the sources of evil and it would be a swift action.  But looking back, we went about it the right way, to make sure 9/11 would never occur again. The soldiers who lost their lives in this war would not want us to pull out before the job is done."

-  Sgt. Leonard Haith, military recruiter, on his perspective of the war and why it is going on indefinitely

In this misdirected piece of information, Haith lets the audience know he is operating under a set of facts that has been thoroughly debunked.  Apparently, according to Haith, the19 Saudi hijackers were able to not only fly planes into World Trade Towers 1 and 2, but also deftly drop Building 7 perfectly in its own footprint.  If you are supposed to go into high schools and sell the military to youth, all of whom are disadvantaged by economic terrorists, it is better to not even graze the mountain of information that confirms that the 9/11 attacks were a purposeful attack by groups hoping to consolidate a New World Order with Israel and the Anglo-led countries in the economic lead.      

“I’m from a military family. I’ve known forever I wanted to be a soldier.  My generation, the 9/11 generation, didn’t know what it was like to go through years of war. But we have a ‘We won’t quit’ attitude.  Those who say ‘unwinnable’ haven’t been there to see what we’re fighting for. There’s pride, seeing both countries now taking over for themselves."

-  Sgt. Scott Carter, U.S. Army

According to Carter, people have to go there to understand.  This makes sense, because if you go there as an American, you will have to accept protection from the military or be killed by the pissed-off people who have lived through hell for ten years.  At home in America, the facts get in the way too easily.  Allied soldiers performed all kinds of atrocities due to foggy rules of engagement.  With this attitude by Carter, senior officials are safe and sound from any sort of punishment for misleading the world as to Iraq's missing weapons of mass destruction and shoddy sources like "Curveball." 

Tarouk Kolache before
How is it even possible to "win"?  Once the soldiers leave, they'll live as they always have-  according to their own customs, laws, and desires.     

“It’s probably true that none of us thought it was going to last this long, but now I see that it’s going to be very difficult to get out of it."

- U.S. Army Capt. Kelly Green, on the never-ending war in Afghanistan

Tarouk Kolache after
No, it isn't difficult.  It happens like all other losing wars of aggression have ended.  The losers put their tail between their legs and go home.  That is all there is to it.  Will the Afghans cry because no one is invading their homes at night any longer?  Probably not.


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