Thursday, October 6, 2011

Don't Protest


"It expresses the frustrations that the American people feel that we had the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression, huge collateral damage all throughout the country, all across Main Street, and yet you're still seeing some of the same folks who acted irresponsibly trying to fight efforts to crack down on abusive practices that got us into this problem in the first place."

-  Barack Hussein Obama discussing the Wall Street Protests

Why would anyone protest now? 

Better yet, why would anyone get a permit to protest?
The protests of Wall Street in New York and other cities are at least three years late and co-opted by corporate interests with the intention of providing a smoke screen for a larger false flag attack. To avoid getting charged with "parading without a permit," dissenters are forced to bow dutifully before shouting, carrying a sign, or clogging up main thoroughfares.  Because at this late stage of full-blown tyranny, where the head of state can legally assassinate citizens for suspicion, the situation well past the point of arousing the anger of others or telling the powers that be how the people feel about their theft of the world's prosperity. 

Michael Moore's "cabin" on the banks of Torch Lake, MI

The bankers that organized the fraud, the politicians that legalized their fraud, and the corporate press that refused to cover the facts of the blatant theft, know the inevitable is occurring.  Now the moneyed powers are attempting, just as they did during the Arab Spring, to lead and co-opt the protests, thereby confusing the real anger and ignoring the correct path to finally break away from the diabolical psychopaths in control of the world.  So millionaire Michael Moore wants to "end capitalism" and incited the mob yesterday saying, "We want the money back."   What a thing to say to the likes of Bernanke, Dimon, and Geithner who admit they print the money out of thin air.  Moore must have crafted those heart-felt words at his "cabin" on Torch Lake.  Roseanne Barr wants "the rich" (those who make over $100 million) to be re-educated, their wealth confiscated, or face death.  This is unique for Barr who must be too ignorant to understand that her 46-acre spread in Hawaii was deftly stolen by the same "banksters" she now opposes a little more than a century ago.       
Is the re-distribution of wealth by force the answer?  No, it isn't.  That is the bankster game.  They  force, they collude, monopolize, and brutalize.  They prop up third world dictators who oppress the natives while multi-national corporations steal a land's resources.  The bankster's game is up and they need people to jump into their trap; their constructed outlet for anger.  

"A 'No' uttered from the deepest conviction is better than a 'Yes' merely uttered to please, or worse, to avoid trouble."

-Mohandas Gandhi       
People should just wait and let the inevitable occur.  Why "occupy Wall Street and risk getting your head busted?  Let them have it.  When the crash finally happens, when no one is left to blame, everyone will get to see who stole their "money."  They'll realize that this collapse wasn't about money (because there is none, saving gold and silver) at all-  It was about control-  Control of land, control of people, control of law, control of third world nations, etc. To some extent, everyone has been a part of it.  The hard part for even the most fervent protester will be realizing the depth of their ignorance; that the elite have created the imaginary world based on the Federal Reserve note and that era, the paper money era, is over.   


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