Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Drones and You

"All the war propaganda, all the screaming lies and hatred, comes invariably from the people who are not fighting."

-  George Orwell  (Author, 1903-1950)

Recently, Obama ordered the assassination of an American citizen for suspicion of plotting terrorism.  No proof was offered by the Administration; instead their word, they said, is to be trusted.  

The impersonal drone attack has become the signature war tactic of the Obama Administration in the war on terror.  If you are wondering how the U.S. government could just execute one of their own citizens without investigation or trial, you must be crazy.  Here-  listen to White House Spokesperson explain the case against Al-Awlaki and realize how silly your concerns are (the reporter asking the questions is ABC News' Jake Tapper):       

For those who still blow off fireworks on the Fourth of July, worshipping the military state and pretending they are free, should be shocked to know the U.S. Military trains more drone operators than fighter pilots.  Gone are the days when the likes of Maverick, Goose, Iceman, and Cougar seared across the sky trying to be "Top Gun" of the Navy.  Now, kids who grow up in front of a computer screen eating Cheetos for the first eighteen years of their life dream of being "Top Drone."   

Iceman (Val Kilmer) gets in the face of Maverick (Tom Cruise) in the competition to be "Top Gun"

And it is exactly this kind of cold, impersonal type of warfare NATO and their fellow aggressors wish to expand upon.  That is why the U.S. has opened up a chain of drone bases near Africa and along the Arabian Peninsula.  This type of war continues to evolve.  Its evolution is characterized by its lack of any accountability.  Just last week federal judge Rosemary Collyer ruled the CIA need not release any records relating to its use of unmanned drone aircraft.

Now that the U.S. has assassinated one of their own, what are the chances drones would be used in the United States?  If you guessed "not likely," you couldn't be more wrong.

Police across the country have been experimenting with the use of unmanned drones.  Even as the economy crashes, people lose their homes, and fall below the poverty line, the technology of drones is constantly being researched and improved.  The Nano/Hummingbird drone can spy on terrorists and they will only think it is a hungry hummingbird.  The ShadowHawk drone can taze humans from the air and is equipped with a 40mm grenade launcher and a multiple-shot 12-gauge shotgun.  Drone scientists, fattened from lucrative defense contracts, are using nature as their muse to make drones more insect-like.  Combined with biometric technology, terrorists, or, uh, anybody won't be able to hide without changing their face
"If the Constitution means anything, it surely means that the president does not have unreviewable authority to summarily execute any American whom he concludes is an enemy of the state." 

-  Ben Wizner, ACLU Lawyer, quoted on Sept. 30, 2011   

Obama has further trampled the Constitution by accepting a title higher than President of the United States, illegally bombing another sovereign country, appointing a "Super" Congress to work in secret, and now assassinating a citizen of the United States without due process.  There are no laws other than those that protect those that are ushering in a New World Order police state.  

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