Monday, August 22, 2011

Want A Job? The White House Needs Economists

The only real qualification you need is to recognize John Maynard Keynes as a deity, serve for a little while, and get hooked up with a sweet gig teaching kids who think you are important...     

from left to right:  Larry Summers, Petey Orzsag, Timmy Githner, Chrissy Romer

"The basic idea that if you increase government spending or you cut peoples' taxes that stimulates the economy and lowers the unemployment rate, is a very widely accepted idea.  It's in every economic textbook, that's what we teach our undergraduates, and I certainly try to teach them the truth."

-ex-economic advisor to Obama, Christina Romer, on the Bill Maher Show discussing her failed economic view and how she plans to continue to confuse young impressionable minds at the University of California at Berkeley     

The economic priests that support the design of the global feudal system slip in and out of  government.  After they can hardly stand the sounds of their own bullshit, they retreat to academia.  There, they teach your kids how to be good debt slaves as they help intellectually bully any ideas of real reform from discussion at the large, so-called prestigious universities.  For some reason, parents continue to pour money into higher education, rewarding the ignorance of the educational elite who enjoy the many benefits of being a respected member of a college faculty.

Below is Alan Greenspan on Meet the Press from two weeks ago.  Greenspan tells the audience exactly what they need to know about the Federal Reserve's ability to create money out of thin air.  The man next to Greenspan is another ex-economic advisor to Obama, Austan Goolsbee.  After presiding over the media-created fake recovery, Gooslbee is returning to the University of Chicago where he can continue to fool 18 year-old trust fund babies.  When Greenspan says the Fed is going to print money until there is no paper left, Skull and Bones member Goolsbee's face speaks volumes.                  

How long will snake-oil salesmen be allowed to fundamentally get everything so wrong and then retire to a cushy job doing, of all things, teaching economics? 

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