Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Imperialism Goes On, Abided by the Bloodthirsty Ignoramuses

"Religions are born and may die, but superstition is immortal.  Only the fortunate can take life without mythology."

-Will Durant from The Age of Reason Begins

Recently, former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair bemoaned current Prime Minister David Cameron's assessment that the London riots were a symptom of Britain in "moral decline."  Blair smartly blamed the people, saying that the "people (rioters) are from families that are profoundly dysfunctional, operating on completely different terms from the rest of society, either middle class or poor."  To admit the failure of militaristic imperialism abroad while promoting a consumerist ideology based on debt at home would be a fundamental shift in thinking.  To do this would be to admit that every bit of his work as political leader was counterproductive in achieving moral prosperity.  Better to disregard the macro reasons and chide the poor; they have no voice that anyone listens to anyway.  

"There is a conspiracy to control Libyan oil and Libyan land, to colonize Libya once again.  This is impossible, impossible.  We will fight until the last man and woman to defend Libya north to south, east to west."

-Col. Moammar Gadafi (Libyan President, 1942-)  

Libyan TV station; bombs by NATO
It is long overdue Americans took a hard look at their imperial army.  Not only do they act only as the world's economic henchmen, they suck at fighting.  If the objective of war is to win, it is safe to say America sucks at fighting.  Now, take it easy G.I. Joe; don't get angry, start waving the flag, and shouting God Bless America like The National Pulse just kicked your dog.  The U.S. Military fights for their corporate interests which DOES NOT include you.  Wars are a racket designed for the profit and increased control of the few, which are gained through sometimes disguised aggression.  Disguised or not, the aggression benefits the American people little, though the mainstream media tries desperately to convince them war is good, productive, and just. 

In Libya, NATO has been blunt about their wanton destruction of a sovereign country.  Sure the International Criminal Coutrt made up some charges about rapes and atrocities but mostly, NATO's involvement had to do with Libya's oil, gold, and water resources.  Their chance for sovereign prosperity, unencumbered by the World Bank and IMF, could not be tolerated.  

Obama said the bombing would be a matter of days, and now the entrenched globalist stooges like Richard Haas are calling for boots on the ground in an occupation of Libya.  Apparently, now Gadaffi must be removed from power and his assets raided in order for the elite to prolong economic collapse.  In fact the treasonous, unbelievably corrupt mainstream media has already started prepping the American people for lower gas prices once NATO seizes Libya's oil.

U.S. officials scramble onto a helicopter atop the U.S. Embassy, Vietnam, 1975
 What does the military think of all this?  It is hard to know for sure, what each individual thinks.  Publicly, there has been no dissension-  all systems are a "go" as soon as the top brass and CNN decide it is time for yet another bloody assault on a weaker, economically rebellious country.

Maybe that is why the U.S. can't ever be successful-  the military hierarchy makes sure soldiers are incapable of thinking for themselves.  Maybe soldiers believe they are fighting for the good guys, have a chance to make a good living, get an education or career, or whatever.  Few, it seems, come to the shocking realization of the truth-  they are being used to subjugate the world and will eventually be called to do violence on the very people they swore to protect.  In other words, most soldiers, even at this late date in the America's accelerating crumble, have refused to hear the dirty details about their bosses.  They took for granted they would be on the side of the righteous and the victorious.  Maybe that is why more soldiers have died by their own hand than the hands of the enemy.

"One who deceives will always find those who allow themselves to be deceived."

-Niccolo Machiavelli   (Author, 1469-1627)

In the future, the nostalgic facade should be ripped from any reputation that remains for the U.S. killing machine.  Their willing ignorant involvement in wars of aggression has rapidly sped up America's demise.  Even the politically blind can see there is something seriously flawed with everything.  

Where were the defenders of the Constitution when Goldman Sachs was stealing billions of dollars and Bank of America was ejecting people from homes B. of A. doesn't even own?                                         

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