Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Why Libya? The Reason is Monetary Policy

************************** "The battle line of good and evil runs through the heart of every man." ***************************** -Alexander Solzhenitzyn (Author, 1918-2008) ***

On Sunday's Meet The Press, Defense Secretary Robert Gates admitted the unprovoked attack against Libya was not vital to America's security. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was quick to contradict this viewpoint. Watch that awkward exchange here. ******************************************************************** You see, adults like Hillary, the "global citizens" that sit at the "big boy" table of tyranny, understand that an assault on the king's monetary system is an assault on the king himself. The National Pulse and others understand that in their panic, the world monetary rulers will act ruthlessly violent to retain their tyrannical grip over the world's monetary controls. *************************************************************** Freedom of choice and sovereignty should allow Libyans to employ which ever monetary policy is most suitable to their priorities. Almost simultaneously, all around the world, we are witnessing the imposition of a single monetary policy over people with different priorities and values. Of course, the IMF claims that Libya has so much gold they would be able to pay mercenaries for years. The corporate media, intent on painting Qaddafi with the wide-bristled "Saddam Hussein-blood-thirsty-dictator" brush in order to get support for the U.S.-led, New World Order's wanton murder, would like people to believe Gaddafi's Libya began amassing gold for this reason alone. This is one of the more blatantly foolish myths ever created by the corporate media as a reason for owning gold. When, at the present time, all paper money systems currently operating in the world (whole world) are facing hyperinflation due to reckless printing and destructive priorities, the corporate media has chosen to claim that Qaddafi has chosen for decades to stockpile gold in order to pay mercenaries.******************************************************** "Gold and silver are money. Everything else is credit." ************************************************************** - John Pierpont Morgan (Banker, 1837-1913)

In the New World Order's world of coercion based on violence and fear, the reasons for unprovoked aggression have become as absurd as government's economic statistics. So as the American public tries to reconcile with contradicting reasons for going to war in Libya, readers of The National Pulse will know that the reason Qaddafi was bombed with over a hundred Tomahawk missiles was panic by the world financial powers about loss of monetary control.

According to a Financial Times article: "Before the violence broke out the gold was stored at the central bank in Tripoli. But since then it may have been moved to another location, such as the southern city of Sebha- within reach of the borders of Chad and Niger."

The western banking elite has been under increasing pressure not just from Libya but all over the world. Iran has been stockpiling gold. Numerous state senators and representatives in the United States have introduced legislation in their respective making gold and silver a currency. As the Federal Reserve's quantitative easing program ends its second round of creating money out of thin air, the monetary elite are being faced with the real prospect of irrelevance. Something had to be done to divert attention why the big banks continue to control the number flashed on CNBC and Bloomberg television screens. Libya, a country where the central bank is 100% owned by the state and not the Rothschild family, had to be dealt with.

Libya's bank was their own until a mix of disaffected brigands was compiled by the economic terrorists and their paper money. Even though this group of rebels is a mix containing some Al Quaeda elements ( yes, the same group that crashed airplanes into the World Trade Center buildings on Sept. 11, 2001), the U.S. has given the green light for these rebels to seize the oil producing facilities and begin selling oil. No one in the U.S. or NATO is on the same page because the sit6uation is so absurdly evil, they know at some point, if they decide to arm the rebels or not, enough good people will eventually awake from their brainwashed slumber and stop fighting. Hopefully.

See, there really aren't any countries left- just economic alliances. Since all these groups do is control a printing press and a military, ultimately what results in practice is nothing but gang warfare. These manipulators rely on the flag waving ignoramuses to fight their wars and find honor in their own enslavement. Without the fake "moral high ground" facade of lies, their conspiracy appears as it really is- cold-blooded murder.

That is why is will take nothing less than a mass awakening- a sudden knowledge about the imoportant things in life. As soldiers in Afghanistan are tried for ruthlessly killing civilians as sport, people just cannot continue to sit by and feel helpless. The only thing the wears machine cares about is control. The main way they exact the control (of which you soon will also be victim of) is through the monetary system.

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