Friday, April 1, 2011

The Right to Print, to Protect, to Dictate vs. Freedom

"A terrorist is someone who has a bomb but doesn't have an air force."

-William Blum (Author, 1933- )

Among the serious fundamental problems confronting the world is the economic war between fiat currencies or paper credit notes and sound money, like gold and silver. Control of the monetary system is the tool by which the world's corporate financial machine is attempting to control all the land and resources under the guise of "environmental protection." Today's printing press is controlled by a shadowy, evil cabal determined either to control or destroy, or both. Using the ignorance of their victims and mind control on a mass-scale, the money manipulators are perpetually assaulting humanity with wars, inflation, and engineered famine. Want nationalize your own country's bank away from the international financiers? Maybe NATO will attack your county for atrocities that have yet to be committed. Thinking of kicking the U.S. Military and their globalist "New World Order" corporations out of your country? Ask the people how they would like a devastating "natural" earthquake followed by a massive tsunami. Time after time, the money printers react with decisive violence to squash competition against their idea of global tyranny- the one world order.

"Arrogant powers are intended to make the local and national economies of others bankrupt to make more benefits from the establishment of a big market."

-Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (Iranian Leader, 1956- )

Their success only goes as far as the consent of the people, however. Lucky for them, a great many people have been thoroughly brainwashed by the corporate mainstream media that pumps a consistent message of American brilliance, righteousness, and jingoist mythology. This must be the reason why Obama could get away with publicly supporting the Libyan rebels who have elements of Al Quaeda within their ranks. According to Obama's version of the 9/11 attacks, one which he, like Bush, warned nobody question, Al Quaeda was the group solely responsible for crashing hijacked airplanes into the World Trade Centers.

Absurd contradictions like the Nobel Peace prize winner's funding of Al Quaeda in Libya while his armies kill civilians nightly in Afghanistan (here for Libya here for Afghanistan), are causing more and more people to understand what is being done to them. Since the economy is a reflection, or result of people priorities and decisions, the market is walking away from the destructive violence, the repeated broken window fallacies, and the myth of global free trade that benefits gigantic corporations. People are tired of watching the international banks rape the entire world. In Africa, the World Bank is constantly meddling with the standard of living; preventing Africans from ever enjoying a communal standard of living free from manipulation and exploitation. The World Bank has even become a "sugar daddy" to young African females, paying them to avoid relationships with men. People are tired of watching hundred of millions of dollars in Tomahawk missiles be dropped on a nation that poses no vital security threat to the United States. Hopefully the out-of-control New World Order military will simply run out of radiation-dispersing Tomahawk missiles and be unable to purchase them again.

"Those who try to lead the people may only do so by following the mob."

- Oscar Wilde (Author, 1854-1900)

Why wouldn't the U.S. Navy be able to purchase any more? Because the illusion of worth in paper money is fading fast. Everywhere ignorant Americans look the vise is crimping in around them. Now that Walmart has destroyed the economy of nearly every town in America by delivering goods at insanely low prices with Chinese products, their CEO is warning of "serious, rapid" inflation in the coming months. And nowhere is there any sign of amending these destructive economic policies. School systems are tied to corporate food programs and are unable to use local restaurateurs for school lunch. So not only has the global economic order promoted free trade with cost cutting and "superior ability" to deliver to the masses, free trade has also excluded the economy from ever returning to its local roots through excessive regulations and an inflationary currency which constantly puts small businesses at risk. Not only is this economically stupid, it is also unhealthy.

It remains to be seen just how unhealthy people are willing to let their communities become. Until a wholesale rejection of New World Order policies occurs, the United Nations and other global groups will continue to deprive humanity of rights, manipulate a fiat currency, start illegal wars against sovereign people, and systematically seize land and resources in order to control the people.

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