Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Commodity Manipulation and the Crashing Dollar

"It is true that liberty is precious- so precious that it must be rationed."

-Vladimir Lenin (Communist Leader, 1870-1924)

Today, gold is reflecting new heights in its U.S. Dollar price. Currently one ounce of gold is priced at $1460. Silver is usurping the dollar as the money of choice and providing refuge as the dollar's demise threatens everybody's standard of living. Silver has skyrocketed, also, solidifying the dollar's irrelevance in the minds of conscientious investors. Prices at the gas pump have risen, as have food prices. Homeowners' houses have lost value. Unemployment has gone up and wages have stagnated. All economic news has been negative for the Federal Reserve's paper money welfare/warfare system of exploitation and destruction.

With everything falling apart, how have the powers that be been able to keep the system from disintegrating altogether? No doubt, this is a difficult question. Certainly, the collapse is a controlled collapse, one that the international financiers meant to happen. This is why the International Monetary Fund performed a complete audit of the United States financial system in 2008, before the market meltdown. Normally this sort of audit was done by the IMF to third world banana republics.

"Give me the poverty that enjoys true wealth."

- Henry David Thoreau (Philosopher, 1817-1862)

Why hasn't it collapsed yet? A safe hypothesis, at this late stage, would have to consider all the resources the controllers have invested in understanding human nature and the manipulation of human wants and needs. This information has been used in the most vile and deceptive ways- to keep control of the human mind. Though mind control and manipulation is a indispensable area in which to begin to study this phenomena, we will just examine a basic truth and a example of how this plays out in the world stage.

Most people do not get excited, angry, or ready for action against their financial oppressor until it hits them where they live. That is, until their ox is gored, until the dollar reaches full inflationary status, most people cannot or will not understand what is happening to them.

Such is the case in the Ivory Coast. Obama has declared, even with three wars raging from North Africa to the Middle East, that Ivory Coast leader Laurent Gbagbo must step down from power. Most flag-waving Americans, as they sipped their coffee and read that bit of news must have been a little perplexed. The answer, as is so often the case, was probably right in front of them, providing the stimulus needed to start their day. That's right- it's coffee.

"A few years ago this guy would have been getting us coffee."

-Bill Clinton (Former U.S. president to Sen. Ted Kennedy about Barrack Obama)

Coffee and the sugar that goes into it is very important to the market manipulators. A person's daily coffee price rising is yet another chink in the armor of the Federal Reserve which is not ready to dispose of itself yet. The Ivory Coast controls about 50% of the world's coffee. Although the price has been rising as the country is destabilized with war, the New World Order hopefuls hope to soon remedy this with a puppet dictatorship that will allow the financial despots to continue plundering the people of the Ivory Coast for cheap coffee and chocolate.

Perhaps a clue into why the U.S. leaders and other globalists despise Gbagbo is the following quote after Gbagbo was sworn in as President for a second term December 4, 2010, "I will continue to work with all the countries of the world, but I will never give up our sovereignty." Of course, to please the New World Order, leaders are expected to act as traitor to their people and assist in their economic exploitation and enslavement by the international bankers. Today, U.N. troops stormed his residence and attained a surrender from Gbagbo.

Clearly, ousting Gbagbo was not about anything but control of the cocoa market. Control is crucial to the new financial order. It is probably the same reason why J.P Morgan/Chase and Cargill each took delivery of millions of tons of raw sugar in recent months. They globalist wish to control the collapse, attempting to calibrate whom to keep happy and who to put the screws to, so to speak.

Whatever the reason for delaying the inevitable, the final outcome has been assured a long time ago. A government shutdown will not be the reason- not even close. The only question is: When will the wheels finally fall off?

Who will be the person that realizes that their cage isn't as gilded as they thought when they have to shell out $10 for that cup of joe they need so much?

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