Friday, August 19, 2011

The New World Order and the Assault on Free Thought

"I doubt whether classical education ever has been or can be successfully carried out without corporal punishment."

-George Orwell  (Author, 1903-1950)

As the economy spirals downward and forces more and more chaos upon society, the evil factions colluding to consummate the New World Order are scrambling to find a new terror, or enemy, in which to focus the frustration of the masses.  As time passes and word travels about the elite's evil global intentions, the lies are more difficult to hold together.  This aspect is extremely frustrating for the established order who are then forced to make rules against the spread of information.  Elites like Jay Rockefeller have rued the day the Internet was exposed to the whole population.  Knowledge makes it much harder to keep people running on their hamster wheel in perpetual debt servitude while ruled by an upper class of sycophantic stewards willing to lick any boot for temporal pleasure.  

Today's problems are, as usual, a direct result of a master planner's diabolical scheme.  Some people cannot fathom this aspect;  that the New World Order has been generations in the works; that the one-world currency and government has been the goal all along; the militarism, World Wars, false-flag attacks, economic booms and busts-  all have been an expected result of a criminal cabal that specializes in demonizing groups of people who band together in defiance of their tyranny.

"All the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come."

-Victor Hugo (Author, 1802-1885)

As the global criminals try to convince the masses of the necessity of their servitude, one justification after another is crumbling under scrutiny.  That is why they must, at all costs, never surrender the linchpins that form the base of their tyranny.  

Rudolph Hoess
An opportunity to reaffirm the power of the Holocaust lie arose again this past July.  Rudolph Hoess, Hitler's top deputy, was exhumed from the grave, cremated, and buried at sea by people who were not his family.  "You don't want to give neo-Nazis a shrine or have places where they can hero worship of some of the most heinous criminals of World War II," said Dr. Effraim Zuroff, director of the Simon Wiesenthal Israel Office.  So, not only did they torture a man who escaped from the Nazis looking for refuge, but he was mysteriously murdered at age 93, and then killed once more in a disgraceful act of power.

The National Pulse doesn't need to delve into the hard proof the Holocaust is a fabrication, even though the evidence is overwhelming.  One needs only look at what has transpired in the world since.  Cruelty and oppression all in the name of consolidating a one-world government complete with a single fiat currency has been the goal all along and the elite will spare no expense to make it happen.  According to Wikipedia, there has been no less than 20 instances since the Holocaust that qualified as a genocide.  Why is it that American school children are mandated by law to be taught about the Holocaust?  No matter what justification the elite try to shove down peoples' throats to get global governance, eventually the lie unfolds for what it is-  a sham, a trick, a bamboozle.  Be it genocide or environmental worries, eventually the truth comes out as the lie loses steam.

"The Holocaust was the most extreme atrocity in human history, and we lose our humanity if we are even willing to enter the arena of debate with those who seek to deny or underplay Nazi crimes."

-Noam Chomsky (Professor, 1928-  ) 

More than sixty years removed from the alleged Holocaust, Holocaust survivors are still chasing after Nazi guards, and suing countries for reparations.  With all the genocides that have occurred since then, shouldn't a little bit of passion and forgiveness be what the world aches for? 

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