Monday, February 7, 2011

The Week of Steadfastness and The Bribes of Tyrants

"They are literally sleeping under the tanks. If the Army tries to take any more ground, they'll run over us. The government is using economic siege to tire out protesters and turn the public against the revolution. They are depriving the Tahrir protesters of badly needed provisions while blaming the ongoing demonstrations for price hikes and supply shortages."

"We will remain in possession of Tahrir Square until Mubarak goes. For these people it's do or die. They believe that if they abandon Tahrir now, they'll be arrested or tortured. The fear in the Square is palpable- but their spirits are high."

-Ahmed Maher (Egyptian, Revolutionary, April 6 Movement Organizer)

The National Pulse thanks Stefan Molyneaux for the outstanding video.

The Revolution is once again regrouping in a "Week of Steadfastness." The protesters know they will be tortured and killed if they give up now without realizing their goal. The police are vengeful; attacking people in the streets of Cairo. In fact according to one protester, the safest place in Cairo is the center of Tahrir Square.

Today, the 14th day of the revolution, it is becoming clear it will be difficult taking on the behemoth force of government power which preys on the weak. The government's response has been to cut the protesters in Tahrir off from replenishing. To do this, they use money and the ability to sway public opinion. Comforted with a shower, hot food, and a resumption of ordinary life is craved by many; yet in this case, the elite are using these human necessities as a means to squash dissent. What a shame it is for these, because we know, at The National Pulse, slaves are made in such ways.

Clearly, the U.S. is behind this new approach in dealing with the over 1000 protesters still left in Tahrir Square. Tyrants know that some will fall for the false sense of importance and money and turn traitor on their breathren with whom they just fought in the streets. So, today it became obvious the members who "negotiated" with the government were compromised. The governments of Egypt and the U.S. have collaborated in opening the banks and avoiding a bank run. This avoidance of a catastrophe the oppressors claimed as a victory. The government of Egypt, most likely at the counsel of the U.S. (after all, Frank Wisner is Mubarak's lawyer), is trying to make life unbearable for the protesters while supresses stories of wanton aggression on the part of pro-Mubarak supporters. The protesters avoided, however, the large government complex of government offices, the Mogamma, from opening, making a huge human chain around the building. During this, exhibit of denial, the Army stood by and watched.

If you want the oppression done right, you have to do it yourself. As each day passes the bloodthirsty globalists are drawn out from behind their masks and are being forced to act as an occupying force in yet another country. Are multiple companies of U.S. Marines being mobilized to enforce what the police can't do and the Army won't do?

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