Tuesday, February 8, 2011

U.S. Passive-Aggressive Terror

"Arrogance means ridiculing and rejecting the Truth and despising people."

-The Prophet Muhammad, (570-632)

Tyrants have a hard time realizing defeat. Totalitarian rulers are estranged from the people they lord over; most often, when they are defeated, the indignation and humiliation felt by them is a direct result of severe cognitive dissonance with reality. For instance, when most rulers were shook to the core as events unfolded in Egypt, Saudi King Abdullah had this to say about the Egyptian protesters: "No Arab or Muslim can tolerate any meddling in the security and stability of Arab and Muslim Egypt by those who infiltrated the people in the name of freedom of expression, exploiting it to inject their destructive hatred." Statements like this from government officials exhibit their profound detachment from reality. Monarchs and openly dictatorial leaders like Mubarak sound utterly ridiculous calling the revolution that crushed the police force, just a bunch of "infiltrators."

"Government is an association of men who do violence to the rest of us."

- Leo Nikolaevitch Tolstoy, (Novelist 1828-1910)

A tad more tricky to decipher are the Western administration serpents who claim to be on the side of the people. Strategically, they pacify situations with Orwellian language and outright lies until the torrential part of the storm has presumably passed. In the chaotic environment of revolution, they have offered up puppet after puppet in an attempt to satiate the masses. This cast of upper-crust opposition characters are global organization elites (Amr Moussa), Nobel prize winners (Ahmed Zewail), International Atomic Energy Agency officials (Mohamed El Baradei)- All have been brought before the crowd and all have been rejected because the rulers are still refusing to comply with the one demand of the people- depose Mubarak. Meanwhile, the regimes, working in coordination, use all the resources at their disposal, no matter how cutthroat, to achieve their ends.

If the U.S. were really on the side of the people they would:

-Listen to the demands of the people and encourage Mubarak to step down immediately.

-Stop trying to stuff their globalist stooges down the throats of the Egyptian people.

But the U.S. can't do those things. The U.S. is the whore of the illegal state of Israel. The U.S. created the torturing police state of Egypt, sending them billions of dollars in aid to torture foreign suspects. The U.S. doesn't want Egypt to be free any more than they want the people of the United States to be free.

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